The Horror In The Basement

“What the hell is that moron dog barking at now?”, I thought. It’s not at all uncommon for him to start yapping at someone walking up to the side of the house next door, of if the doorbell rings, but this was just plain barking at nothing. He’d pace around the hallway and living room, let out the occasional low growl, and every now and then let loose with a barking fit. Finally I chased him from the living room as my wife and I settled in to watch a little TV.

“Ka-clannnng!”, came from the floor. Which was odd, since random metal-falling-on-metal noises don’t generally come up from the basement, but there it was. Then I put two and two (or barking and clanging) together and figured it out – something, or someone, was in our basement.

“Someone’s in the basement!”, said my wife, “Go get your gun and check it out!”

I don’t own a gun, but what the hell…this house is nearly 150 years old, and you can look down from the living room and see the basement through the spaces in the floor – sound travels very well between the two rooms. If it is someone, and they think I’m-a heading down there with a gun, maybe they’ll make themselves scarce.

I go down there and find no people, but after a bit a searching I come face-to-face with the culprit.

(Hey, good timing for me to have to run to a meeting. Coming soon, THitB Part 2: The Unimaginably Violent Encounter!)

Did you scream like a little girl when you saw that?

(not that I did when I clicked on the link)

Ah! Careful now. Possums are no one’s friend.

ahhhhhh it’s a cutie.


You are one sick puppy.

That one’s a horrible actor.

Oh, the precious thing!
No, I do know better, really…but it looks like a precious thing in that picture.

Well, they’ve got a lot of teeth, but one should have a bit of pity for the Ugliest Creature G-d Ever Made. :slight_smile:
He’s just trying to make a living.

The hair is sparse, and there’s that big ol’ rat naked, greasy looking tail.

Kill It Kill It Kill It!!

According to my mom, they are quite greasy indeed.

Hal, I hope you don’t mind if I use that pic as my wallpaper. I get a kick out of that little animal.

How’d it get in there?

Coincidentally, one of my dogs killed a possum this morning and left it in the back yard. Not nearly as cute as your little guy, though.


Aww, don’t kill it! Especially not on May Day. Capture it & take it outside somewhere. After that, it won’t ever want to come back anyway.

A demon dog!!!

I call the big one ‘bitey’.

My money is on the baby possum.

As **Hal ** has not reported back yet, I will send my condolences to his widow and daughter.

I caught a possum last year while trying to trap groundhogs. They make some nasty noises but were not to hard to handle. Bait a live animal trap with some older fruit and the little critter will not be able to resist.

I had a small one like that run into my apartment (a long time ago now). The two cats and my trusty water gun chased it out.


Obligatory Teen Girl Squad link

For those with Flash blocked (like me):

That’s a baby, watch for a few more and one big nasty momma possum to be around too.

Now I have visions of the tiny marsupial sitting quietly on the plumbing in the dark basement and belching.