The horse is out of the barn, but ...

On page 2 of this thread, astorian committed a significant breach of courtesy by posting what I have to assume was meant to be posted to another thread.

I would never suggest that another poster’s post be deleted, but I’m trying to think of possible ways to mend fences. Would it be possible for a mod to edit the post so that the text appears in the same gray color as the background? And maybe even post a note to the effect that “Well-intentioned spoilers would do well to leave the wackos of the 24 Club to their own devices”?

I’m just thinking out loud here.

Sounds like a spoiler about a TV show was posted in a thread that asked “Please! No spoilers!”
When I get home tonight I will notify the Cafe Society moderators of this delicate situation. Or you could e-mail them yourself.

Thanks, Arnold. I e-mailed them yesterday. No action has been taken, yet.

I’m sure we’ll survive this. Knowing how I am with “unexpected” plot twists, hell, I might even have seen it coming. It’s just a shame is all. Mostly, it’s Munch I’m worried about. He’s just a kid after all and is still impressionable. :smiley:

And astorian hasn’t even felt it necessary to apologize. :frowning:

I took a dull axe to **astorian’**s post. Everybody happy now?

And quit rilin’ up UncleBeer, his blood pressure’s high enough already.

Uke, you’re a prince among moderators. Above and beyond the call of duty, that was.

I hereby award you the 24 Club Oak Leaf Cluster for Conspicuous Gallantry.

You da man, Uke.