The "Ideal" Body Thread for Men and Women

Ok. I know ya’ll know I have been working out and dieting lately from the threads I have started. See my wife and I one were talking and we got in this coversation that led to this “deal” that we would both get the kind of “ideal” body each of us wants for the other. So I thought it would be fun to discuss what we feel is the “ideal” body for both ourselves and the opposite sex.

So inotherwords to post on this thread say what sex you are(sometimes it is hard to tell from usernames and say what kind of body would you dream about having yourself and then what kind of body do you feel attracted to.

Make sense?

If not I’ll start, to see if it clears up any confusion.

I am male.

I would like to have a body like the (I think I’ve said this 10 times or more already in other threads) dudes playing volley ball in “Top Gun”. You know a nice ripped upper body with good size arms, chest and shoulders with a six pack and decent little looking legs(but not real big). Can you tell I hate working legs. :wink:

My ideal body for a woman is a petite firm body with a flat stomach and tone muscles.

Well? What about ya’ll?

I am female, and I fantasize frequently that I am a shapechanger and can have any body I want. Interestingly, all of them are animals–cat, dog, leopard, wolf, hawk, horse, basilisk. However, I remain female in all of them.

Of course, to be an effective shapechanger, and to be able to come back to your “own” body when you’re done, you have to be absolutely comfortable with it in the first place.

So, when, after a hard night’s work prowling the streets of the city in the form of a wolf, I’m back at home in my “own” body, I celebrate the way I look after having had three kids, and I don’t change a thing. :slight_smile:

[um, Bill? None of my business, of course, but it seems like a lot of pressure to put on someone who has rheumatoid arthritis. Ain’t it bad enough she’s chronically ill–now she has to worry about her abs, too?]

Ummm, Bill, just how many people on this board do you expect to chime in and say they dream of having a body like John Goodman or Rosanne Barr as opposed to any given cast member on Baywatch ('cept maybe that Hasselhoff guy… bleh!)

…and Duck, I like your shape changing idea. Always thought it would be neat to fly like a hawk or swim like a dolphin.


I guess I never thought about it like that. I guess you’re right this thread was a stupid idea.

Well what about this as a twist for the thread: How long would it take you and your SO to get the ideal body of your dreams if you really worked at it?

Oh shoot I forgot to answer my own new question.

Me to get the ideal body. A 16 months naturally 2 to 3 months on roids.

My wife probably three months.

Not “stupid”, Bill. Just not fully thought out. :slight_smile:

Me, I can get into pretty fine shape if I work out 2-3 hours a day, 5 days a week for 2 to 3 months. Trouble is, with two kids and a full time job, that kind of time is not something I can easily find. Still, I can easily increase my chest from a 42 to a 44 (I’m male by the way so don’t let your imagination run away with you…;)) in just 2 weeks. With my body type, I put on muscle like nobody’s business. The downside is that I can put on weight pretty quickly too, simply by looking at food. As a result I keep a tight lid on my eating habits - story of my life.

My wife on the other hand is built like a track athelete. Slender and tall. She can’t add muscle mass nearly as quickly as I can. On the other hand she’s got long distance stamina I couldn’t dream of and she doesn’t seem to have my issues with weight gain. I don’t think I can ever recall a time when she didn’t look fit and ready for a cross country run.

I already have my ideal body. I guess I would want my boobs smaller. Otherwise I’m in fabulous shape. Oh, wait. I would like it if the disc I blew out last year would fix itself, because it gets achey sometimes.

My SO…If he didn’t have the body he has now, he wouldn’t be my favourite man in the whole wold. It’s a very nice one. He’s going in for wrist surgery, so I would wish he wouldn’t have to do that, ideally.

World, not wold.

But you knew that…

I’m affraid I’m going to have to ask you for a cite. You can’t expect to state these things on SDMB without having to provide some reliable evidence. Recent beach trip photos in your favourite bikini will do. Boudoire photos would be even better. :smiley:

I’ve wanted a body exactly like the one I’ve got now for about ten years. Though I wish I were taller (I’m 5’4"), but nothing’s going to change that, & I’m quite happy to weigh 120. I looove my big Jennifer Lopez butt, & am happy beyond words that I finally grew a pair of boobs. My belly is flat, if not quite Victoria’s-Secret-ripped. My feeling is, I’d rather be able to eat normally & enjoy life than look 100% perfect. Anyway, curves are sexy. Jiggle is sexy (as long at it’s your boobs that are jiggling, not your upper arms.) I’d much rather have my body than Calista Flockhart’s.

I don’t like guys who are super-buffed. They are not cuddly. To me it feels like hugging a plastic toy. My BF is 6’1" & 250…he wants to lose weight, but I don’t want him to. He totally has the ideal body, in my opinion, that sort of ex-football player-who’s-gotten-a-little-cuddlier shape. I love big broad shoulders. & I only like hairy guys. I once broke up with a guy because he shaved his chest. UGH!! The furrier, the better…I don’t even mind back hair.

Well, I have some teensy weensy bikini photos of me taken in December on St Kitts. I just got a new-used computer, and as soon as I figure out how to connect my scanner (the new computer isn’t cooperating) I’ll post some to the People Pages.

Don’t know if it would be reliable evidence…I suppose one could anyone’s photos they wanted! :slight_smile:

Yes, I suppose one could… but I don’t expect that you would lie about something like that. I mean, why would you?! And anyway, even if you posted photos that looked suspiciously like Pamela Anderson, I don’t think anyone here would take you to task. I mean, since when is looking like a scantily clad celebrity a crime! :wink:

Um, just for clarification… is that a “teensy weensy” bikini or are the actual photos “teensy weensy”? No reason for asking… just curious… :smiley:

I’m male. I want to look like Ed Norton in American History X. After years of trying to look something like that, I’m convinced I need a personal trainer or something 'cause at this point I figure I need an expert to help me put on the muscle mass (total hard gainer here).

The ideal body for a woman is… well, pretty much my wife, except with perkier boobs (breastfeeding, ya know). Hourglass figure; perky C cup or bigger; little, round tummy; gently sloping shoulders; round bum; round calves; average height, or even a little short; long, dark hair… mmmmm, mmmmmm. Jeezus, I’m a lucky guy.

Nothing short of surgery is going to make her perfect, at this point, but there’s no way I’m complaining. When we go out and she wears a low cut top with a push-up bra, half of me is just dying to get her back home (the other half is showing her off) (and a third half is enjoying the evening).

Where’s a cold shower when you need one.

I am female.

I like my body pretty much as it is, but I want darker nipples.

My ideal man changes. Sometimes it’s a cuddly teddy bear, and other times it is skinny, and a little bit muscular. I have never really gone for the whole body builder thing.

Me? hmm…well, i’m skinny (Really, i’m 120 pounds) and i eat pretty much whatever i want, (i’m the envy of all my friends)
as far as musscle mass i have none, but at least i’m fairly tall

Darker nipples?!?!?!? that’s a new one

How 'bout some pics, i’ll give a free nipple darkness consultation

Bit o’ background: 5’10", 155 lbs. I’d like to be taller and heavier (muscular as well as a little more fat).

I’d post a link to a picture of who I want my mate to look like, but I think she might mind:-)

Well, people have told me that I look like I don’t have nipples. I think that’s the main thing that bothers me on my body.