What specific body-type are you most attracted to?

I realized this morning that for me, it’s women with long torsos but (comparatively) short legs. Kind of hard to describe, but something about that proportion just DOES it for me.

Petite. Slender. Short.

Given the choice between slender and short, I’ll take short.

Waifs like Keira Knightley, Natalie Portman, Winona Ryder, etc for women and long, lean swimmer’s builds for men.

None of the people I have been intimate with fit those descriptions, though.

My close #2 is very petite women that are not waifish or boyish but are instead curvy and womanly…just small. I’m talking a woman that’s 5’0 or shorter, less than 100 pounds, but with a straight hourglass figure - makes me howl at the moon.

My wife has exactly the body type that I like: short, slender but not bony, small breasts, and a great ass. The fact that her legs are just about as long as mine even though she is seven inches shorter than I am is a bonus.

So much for the stereotype that men want tall, big-busted barbie dolls.

Weird. I totally have that body type (I’m 5’8" and wear petite pants and long shirts)…I never noticed it in other women, and thought it was freakish. You made my day :slight_smile:

Me, I like men with pudge. Mmmmm pudge!

I’ll take the broad- shouldered, tiny -waisted, no- ass breed of man, please. We will walk down the street and resemble the number ‘10’, lol. In my dreams! … Thinking back to my dating days, as long as a guy wasn’t fat, a perfect body shape wasn’t a necessity. And being I was (and am) a smidge over 5 feet tall, he didn’t have to tower over me. Short guys were perfectly acceptable!

I like thin fairly-straightly built women too. I waver between being completely disinterested in boobs and actively disliking them. They’re just very bleh.

I mostly just like women who like their appearance. If you don’t think you look good, how can I? And carriage is at least as important as direct attractiveness; if you seem like you enjoy sitting around and talking and playing pool, that makes me more interested in you right there.

I like women with big curves. I always described it as a ratio, boobs:waist:butt 3:2:3. Any ratio equal to or bigger than 3:2:3 is attractive. No matter how big a woman is at the waist, if she still has the hourglass figure I get a bit tingly. The bigger the better.

Also, because I’m taller than 99.5% of the people I meet (literally), when I occasionally see a woman approaching my height (four or five times a decade, maybe?) I do a double take and find myself attracted to them. These women have invariably been thin, with small butts, and little boobs, which is the opposite of the types I usually fancy. I have never in my life since 6th grade met a woman taller than me, but I imagine I would probably find her attractive if I did.

Barbie dolls, not so much…a certain tall, busty brunette, however, has my eternal lust-ridden loyalty…

As much as I find any type attractive… androgynous. Secondary sex characteristics (of both genders) gross me out.

Add guitar-shaped torso and you have me, it’s quite common in Spain.

I like guys either big (not fat, big) or tiny, but I’ll forgive a guy for being average-sized or a runner type if he’s got great legs. Scotland has great views!

Huh. I find myself very attracted to boobs. But small ones. The smaller the better.

(But as with everything, there’s always an exception to the rule.)

Big and tall! Of course, in real life, it’s all bullshit. My last boyfriend was about the same size as I am. He’s 5’8" and thin, I could fit some of his shirts. Then again, my husband is 6’2" and burly. Hmm, maybe it’s not all bullshit afterall.

Tall, long legged, with a great ass and I prefer the thin to athletic build. I’ve never been a fan of large breasts, I prefer perky but that’s hard to tell with a bra on.

But since those are hard to find I tend to date short to medium height girls who are curvy with large breasts.

I’ve put a lot of thought into this question, and I think I’ve finally determined my type:


I’ve dated every body type you can think of. Thick, slender, busty, small breasted, big butts, little butts, and everything in between. The thing they all have had in common is that they’ve all been attractive.

Tallish women (5’8+) with a great ass. I love breasts of any size, but they have to be natural.

My wife is a perfect example of this.

Average height give or take three inches, and broad shoulders. And not thin. (my grandfather died of cancer when I was eighteen, and at the end was 6’ and around 135 pounds. I’ve had an aversion to slightness in men since.) athletic build, average, or could stand to lose 20 pounds have all drawn my eye, but not skinny. Basically I prefer guys who are more solidly built than I am, and I am not a delicate flower myself.