The inappropriate business card game

Ok, check out in the business card template area…

Find a card and then list the most inappropriate business to use that card.

Lone Star Slaughtering House & Meat Processing Plant

Lancaster Amish Vegetable Co-op

Gallaudet Center for the Deaf

Anytown Little League

Moving On Quadraplegic Support Center
…I did a lot just to give the idea… now you do some!

National Football League


Stress Relievers, Inc.

The Republican National Committee

Oh well, it was worth a try.


American Association of Allergists
International Atheists Union
Incontinence Support Network
Child Free by Choice
WTC Survivors Fund (TACKY!)

And some tacky cards for individuals:
Osama Bin Laden, Chair, International Al-Qaeda Terrorism Association
Chairman Yassar Arafat, Palestinian Liberation Organization
Christopher Reeve (TACKY!}

al-Qa’ida Terror Network

NeoNazi Youth of Idaho

The BRTV Support Group

*BRTV = Bad Reaction to Viagra

Paranoiacs Anonymous
Moving on from Motion Sickness (in 12 easy steps)
Giving Maturbation the Slip Support Group

United States Dept of Justice

(I just think that would be funny as hell to see)

United States Dept of Justice

(I just think that would be funny as hell to see)

Meadowland Garden Center

I.P. Sanely. Bladder Control Specialist

I.P. Sanely. Bladder Control Specialist (his other card)

Touch Me Publishing™. Exclusive manufacturers of braille pornography.

Hong’s Fine Korean Cuisine (please forgive me)

Beverly Merkin. Pubic Hair Stylist

Dirk Heanie, Flamboyant Superhero!

Zorgon Industries™. Manufacturers of fine Alien Brain Pods since 3029

These are just great. I think my favorite so far has been Seven’s Bad Reaction to Viagra card.

Breast Reduction Surgery Specialists

Jerry Falwell

Shipwreck Survivors Anonymous

Coventry Estates: Luxurious Suburban Development

Woops. Breast Reduction Surgery Specialists

Timothy McVeigh,1515,1



Huntsville Prison Warden,2043,1

Eckard’s Pharmacy,1714,1

Sex Reassignment Center,1659,1

Septic Systems, Inc.,1621,1

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