"The Inside" (7/29)

Oh, my Og. That girl…was not human. Well, I know there are child killers (killers who are children) out there, especially Mary Bell, but it was just so bizarre for me to see an evil character like that being portrayed on TV. It was absolutely astounding. When the girl (I’m sorry, but she was so evil. I can’t bring myself to say her name) was crying, “Boohoo, I want my mommy!” I felt bad for her, but then she started “humming happily” and I went all, “Huh?!” Now, I have no experience with children, mainly because I don’t like them, but even I knew there was something wrong with that.

Then, she told Nora, “And you’re never going to say anything”, I knew she was planning to kill her. I was so relieved when Mrs. Olsen showed up, but then I got scared again when she found the knife and the girl went all boohoo-ey again. :rolleyes: I was just rolling my eyes at her and thinking, “Shut up, you little shit.” I don’t understand exactly why she killed little Henry. Because she didn’t like Mr. Bunch? That sounds so…stupid to me, though. I think it was because Henry was easy to pick on (well, they did say he was bullied a lot). Overall, it was very suspenseful and enjoyable.

Well, this might sound a tad sadistic and evil on my part, but I kind of had to stifle a giggle when the girl and Mrs. Olsen were in the car. They were both crying and the girl said, “I want my mommy!” and Mrs. Olsen said, “I want my son!” It was heart-wrenching for me to see a mother crying over her dead son, but at the same time, I was sending ‘go-to-hell-you-evil-shit’ thoughts at the girl.

You mean 6/29.
When the girl screamed and then jumped out of the treehouse, thats when I really thought “oh - you little shit”.
At that time I wasn’t sure she had done the killing - I knew she was evil and lieing, but still not sure she did it (may have been covering for her mom or something)


This is one intense hour of television. I’ve watched from the first episode, and I find that it’s like a full movie reduced to one hour. When’s the last time a tv show scared you? Highly recommended.

Agreed, however…

At the end, they were talking as though they were able to make an arrest of the little girl. How? The only one who heard her confession was dead. The only other thing they had tying her to the killing was the knife set, yet that didn’t strictly prove anything.

I dunno, if this one were to go to trial, a decent lawyer would probably have a good shot at getting her off.

Yeah, yeah…I know…It’s just a show, I should really just relax…

It would have been nice if they hadn’t jumped into Locke’s tragic past QUITE so soon. Maybe they could have preserved the mystery for, oh, two or three whole episodes?

They’ve filmed all thirteen episodes of the first half-season. As good as it is (though I agree with Snooooooooopy about springing Locke’s past on us too early) I’m surprised every Wednesday that Fox hasn’t cancelled it yet. The ratings haven’t been fabulous. I would think that, by now, Minear would know what sort of treatment to expect from Fox. Will this be the first series where the producers fully expected to be canceled partway through the season but planned to make their money back through DVD sales?

They can’t cancel - I like this show! And it has Adam Baldwin!!

Damn. I probably just jinxed it.

I assumed that the other little girl would have been enough for them to arrest the bad seed. She knew about the murder was threatened with one of the stolen knives. They have enough circumstantial evidence (which isn’t as worthless as most lawyer and cops shows make it out to be) to get that devious evil ****.

Oh man… posted too soon…
Wanted to say about the show:

I think we’ve given just enough info about Rebecca’s past. I expect we’ll find out more disturbing stuff.

My theory is for this season finale or perhaps next season (we hope) she’ll encounter her kidnapper again. They never caught the guy right?
I also have a theory that Rebecca participated in a murder willingly while kidnapped. Stockholm syndrome type thing.

I’ve suggested that the reason he still posts on the Firefly board but not on the The Inside board is because he doesn’t want to jinx the new show but, well, Firefly is already cancelled, but I think it’s really because he has a group of people there who either agree with him or don’t get tired of arguing with him. He likes to debate from a conservative standpoint.