The iPhone 4 camera What do you think of it?

Okay. I just don’t get it.

Thisarticle on CNN today says this:

My wife and I both have iphone 4s and both of us think the camera takes just about the worst pictures of any cellphone camera either of us has ever used. They always come out with a yellow tint to them and they blur with even the slightest motion. This is both of our phones. My wife is a non-tech person and even she thinks the camera is worthless.

75% of the reviews of the phone claim the camera is great while a handful of others have the same issue we do. We find it damn near unusable.

Those of you with this phone. What do you think of your camera?

I have no issues. No yellow tint. No need to keep the camera perfectly still to take non-blurry pictures.

My dedicated cameras take far better pictures, but this is the best phone camera I’ve ever had. My previous phone was a HTC hero.

edit: my gallery has ONE sample picture…

Not perfect. A bit grainy, but it’s a phone camera. When reduced in size the pictures are ok.

I agree that this is the best phone camera I’ve had, although in my case that’s not saying a whole lot, because my previous phone was a Nokia flip phone with an ultra-shitty camera. That said, the only problem I have with yellow tint is very occasionally when I’m trying to take a picture in low lighting. In my experience, the iPhone 4 camera does not do that well in indoor low-light situations, even with the flash. However, in good lighting, it’s fantastic. I have a lot of examples of photos I’ve taken with it of text on a page (amusing ads or whatever that I want to share on Facebook) and the text comes out sharp as a tack. I do not have problems with blurriness.

I feel like pointing this out, though it should be fairly obvious: Phone cameras are not meant to be brilliant - especially in low light. I think mine probably is a bit yellowish in low light, but I don’t think anything of it. It’s a phone camera. If I want to take a good indoor picture I use my canon eos 50d.

Yeah, I was going to add that myself but forgot. I mean, this is still a phone camera we’re talking about here. My real camera takes much better pictures in low light, but it’s a real camera with actual lens settings. The iPhone camera is pretty good as a camera overall, but considered as a phone camera specifically, it’s absolutely brilliant, in my opinion.

I know this. The iphone 4 takes worse pictures than the ENV2s that they replaced though. ANY movement in the picture will result in a blur. Trying to take a picture of my 8mo old was easy with the ENV2 and they always came out clear. I have to take 3 or 4 shots of her with the iphone though because she won’t sit still enough.

The yellow is present in any picture that is not taken at high noon outside. If I stand on my porch and take a picture right now in the sun it will look fine, unless my kid is moving in it. Take a picture in my kitchen with all the lights on and the yellow takes over.

I took this picture a while ago. It’s obviously indoors and I wasn’t trying to take a good picture or anything. The image is 66% smaller than the original. I don’t see anything wrong with it besides being a gritty cell phone picture.

I had an ENV2 just prior to my iPhone 4, and I think the iPhone takes much better quality pictures. Nearly all the photos from my last trip overseas were taken with the iPhone, and they came out fantastic. Granted low light makes for poor quality, but I’m constantly impressed with the quality of current pictures vs my ENV2.
I don’t have much of a blurriness problem, and I love the “tap to focus” aspect.

I had an HTC Incredible before the I4 (ended up getting rid of it because the call quality stank). The pics on that were so much better than on the iphone that you can barely compare the two.

I think it’s fine for what it is- taking snapshots of your screwy friends to tag on Facebook, and emailing amusing photos of everyday WTF moments to your friends.

OK, this may not work because Facebook’s privacy settings are annoying as crap to figure out, but I believe I have set my “Mobile Uploads” folder to be publicly viewable, so you can see a lot of my iPhone photos.

Mobile uploads. Everything up to the fireworks photo is iPhone, and then the fireworks photo and everything after was taken with my old Nokia.

I like mine just fine but I’m not much of a picture taker. It was actually a big improvement over the six year old cheapie camera that I had at the time.

Have you tried the HDR setting?

Well, it’s the best I ever used, but that’s because I went from VGA -> iPhone camera!