Say hello to the new iPhone 4 - Offical Apple release info with pics and details

Kinda neat!

Looks kind of like an Android phone.

I don’t get it. I don’t see a huge increase in sweetness with this phone. Perhaps phones are plateauing briefly?


I waaant one. The gyroscope combined with the compass, GPS, accelerometers, and cameras and 300 dpi screen will go perfect for an app I have in mind. I was hoping that the iPad would have the cameras at least, but no.

I think its funny how Apple is over-hyping this new iPhone, considering that it’s appearance has been leaked and that it is just a basic upgrade of a common product. Its a predictable upgrade that occurs annually on a regular basis now. Their catch phrase for the iPhone 4 is “This Changes Everything. Again.” Actually, it doesn’t change much at all, so it would be more appropriate to tag it with just “Again.”

The only features worth drooling over are the high resolution display, the video calling, and the shiny new look. Apple is king when it comes to aesthetics, so the new look is not surprising. Fan boys have been asking for video calling since the phone was announced, so that is just another feature to check off the list. Which leaves the high resolution, or “retina” display as the only innovative update for the iPhone 4.

Ignoring the pathetic name (iScreen would have been better), the display adds a lot of potential to the device. The higher dpi means that text will be easier to read, and could even be read at a lower zoom level, allowing you to browse the web in a more natural way. Your photos will look better, and you won’t have to zoom as much to see details. Graphics heavy apps (like games) will also benefit from the new display.

I have some gripes about the new case design though. The idea to merge the antenna, edge casing and structural support is clever, but the rest of the case is glass, even the back. Glass breaks, and I have seen many iphones with spider-web cracks all over their screens. I expect many people will be ranting about broken glass backs after they get their slippery hands on their new toys. I dropped my iPhone about 5 times the first week I had it. I have learned to be more careful, but I still drop it from time to time. If I had one of these new glass iPhones, I think I would store it in bubble wrap. Suddenly, all the new iPhone warranty plans available don’t seem to be so much of a rip-off.

Overall, its a decent upgrade to an existing product, but nothing so revolutionary to warrant the level of hype its getting. Maybe they had to go over the top to out-do the prototype leak scandals, or maybe its just Apple’s standard procedure for a new product. Either way, I won’t be waiting in line one, come launch day. Next year, we will have another new iPhone to get all worked up about, but it will still be just an iPhone. Again.

Does that mean I just wasted money buying a current Ipod Touch? Are they going to upgrade those to match the iPhone?

It can shoot video in 720p 30fps HD.

You can edit your footage on-phone with their iMovie app.

The hi-res display sounds awesome.

Video chatting

Front and back facing cams with LED flash.

As far as the glass enclosure, they’re saying it’s an aluminosilicate* glass that’s chemically treated to be 20 times stiffer and 30 times stronger than plastic. See here:

To me, just these things make it one hell of an upgrade.
*is this the transparent aluminum Scotty wanted in Star Trek IV?!

An iPhone with a better camera / video recorder, a better screen, and all my apps. That’s all I wanted.

Apple usually upgrades the iPod lines in September or October, but nobody knows what they will release. You should enjoy your new purchase, and not worry about the new shiny things on the horizon, because when those arrive, there will be more new shiny things on the horizon.

Also, your new iPod Touch will run iOS 4 when it is released, as a free upgrapde. Take a loke here at will you will be able to do with it.

I’m getting one, primarily because my first-generation iPhone’s battery is finally dying, and rather than paying $100 for a new battery, I’m going to pay $200 for a new phone altogether.

I’m pretty excited about the new stuff, especially the better camera part. Also excited about real GPS, since I don’t have that on the first generation iPhone. Video chatting? Meh. Taking movies - that could be cool. Front and back cameras are cool.

Overall, I think it’ll be a HUGE upgrade for me. Not so much for someone who has a newer iPhone.

I’m still using a 3G, and I’m really looking forward to replacing it with the new version. I’ve been very jealous of my wife’s 3GS, particularly the compass on it. I did a geocache with my phone a few weeks ago and had a hard time getting back home.

Will there be any kind of upgrade price? I have a 3G and would hate to take a big hit on buying the new phone.

Here’s a review

Hands On with the Apple iPhone 4

From here:

Obligatory whine about At&T. They must have paid a butt load of money to keep this out of the hands of millions of Verizon users who would have switched in a iSecond.

I love my 3G, and will probably upgrade before too long.

You’ll blow through your data cap if you’re tinkering with HD video.

Can you expand on this? How does it affect your data usage at all if you are taking video and editing it on the phone? Wouldn’t it just use bandwidth if you tried to send it to someone? :confused:

He must’ve misunderstood you and thought you were talking about streaming HD video. No, simply taking and editing HD video on the phone won’t affect data usage at all.

I want one. Been holding off on getting an iPhone, and I think this is finally the version that’s going to do it to me. I have an iPod touch, and absolutely love it… I can’t wait to have the awesomeness of that without having to carry around a phone as well.

Sadly though, although I’m already with AT&T, I’m still in the middle of a Blackberry contract. It says I’m eligible for the upgrade on 11/12/2010. I wonder if I can sweet talk/puppy-dog eye my way out of it? Would so love one of those the day they come out…

I want to say meh to the iPhone 4, but there are two features that tempt me, the sharper Retina Display, and the fact that the steel band around the edge of the phone are the antennas

I also thought “Transparent Aluminum” as soon as I saw the Alumisilicate Glass descriptor, Scotty would be pleased, I’m sure…