5 reasons not to buy the iPhone 4

According to Yahoo finance there is a few shortcomings with new iPhone 4. I think that iPhone 4 is the best one in his category. Go Apple!!!

What’s the question again?

Since there is no question, I’m moving this to MPSIMS. If it had been a question about the best phone out there, then maybe IMHO.

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There are now reports in England of the iPhone 4 having shitty signal reception (BBC News). The antenna seems to be in the lower left part of the case, where many people hold it. SOme claim it only works if the hands free is used.

I have an iPhone right now, (3G, bought in Jan. 09) and I loved it when I first got it…then a few months later I saw a bunch of friends all get some cool Android devices and I was like,
“Damn, boy, that shit is tight!

I’ve become more and more frustrated with my phone as time goes on…it’s a lot of little things that all add up. Can’t choose my own text message sounds (and I HATE all the default ones,) I can choose my own ringtones, but it’s actually a lot more of a pain in the ass than it should be to use them, no multitasking, my screen is one of the “defective” ones that is very, very, VERY prone to getting dust trapped under it. I have mayb 3-4 dozen very noticeable, (and another dozen less noticeable) specs all over my screen, and AT&T won’t do shit about it. I’ve heard stories that some people had luck getting it swapped out for a new/refurbed phone at an Apple store, but I don’ have one near me, so I’m shit out of luck.

Once my AT&T contract is up in January, I’m switching to either Sprint or Verizon, depending on who has the best price and coolest Android device (right now it’s looking like a contest between the EVO 4G for Sprint and the Droid X for Verizon…Droid X has the lead because I really miss having a REAL keyboard…I make a LOT of typos with just the touchscreen.)

Most of these aren’t any big deal. Not enough supply for the demand? Whatever, just means not everyone who wants one NOW will be able to get one NOW. Only a 5 megapix camera? 5 mp is heaps unless you’re wanting to print and enlarge the photos significantly, and I’d bet most phone users, like most compact camera users, don’t do this. The Verizon thing is a bummer for some people though it doesn’t affect me. The video thing’s a bit crap too. Overall, if these are the going to be the major gripes for the phone, it’s not bad.

Reason not to buy any iPhone? Droid phones.

Pick carefully… The Droid X is touchscreen with no physical keys.

Funny how a communications device is a status symbol. I guess owning one must make you sound more important or you have golden fingers for texting.


I have a Palm Pixi Plus from Verizon, and love it. Real keyboard, texting is easy, it takes gorgeous pictures and videos, and I can surf the Net on it. I’m glad I didn’t go iPhone.

Oh, and the main reason for a phone: we have great reception!

This is exactly why I didn’t wait for it.

This is true. I’m in a position to know that Apple does testing and direct calculations for antenna design but does not use CAD-based EM simulation tools to do so much as antenna testing, let alone design.

And it’s biting them right in the ass. They didn’t take into account just how much of the signal the user’s skin can absorb, or they did all their testing at short range to tower, or something equally ludicrous. There’s no excuse for the signal strength disparities when holding the phone vs. not. (to be honest, I think based on what I’ve seen online of people dismantling it that they put a lot more effort into making sure the wi-fi antenna was top-notch, and managed to neglect the GSM antenna while they were at it.)

Another reason not to buy the iPhone 4–the entire feature list needs an asterisk that says “* this was on Android 2.x months ago, and Apple is JUST NOW getting it? Man, we suck.”

My friend just got the EVO based on my recommendation (I’m w/ Tmobile, so no EVO for me) and I’ve been able to get my hands on it. It’s gorgeous. Enough that it made me consider a switch.

I don’t like a touchscreen for typing either (which is why I haven’t upgraded my G1 yet), but I did try out the My Touch 3G Slide. This phone came with Swype pre-installed. Swype is the most amazing piece of technology ever. I didn’t use the physical keyboard once (except to test it). With enough practice, I think I would be very faster on Swype than the physical keyboard. If the phone comes with Swype (or can get it), I wouldn’t sweat it not having a keyboard.

On Topic: number one reason to not get a iPhone 4: Samsung Galaxy S

I’ve got a Droid, and I love it, especially Google maps on it.

I got it for a keypad also, but oddly I don’t use it all that much. When I text, I find the word completion feature you get on the touchpad actually lets me type faster than the manual keypad - when I am not using the awesome voice texting, that is. But mine is seven months old, and so is terribly obsolete. I also didn’t have to switch providers, and it cost only $199 back when it was fairly new.

Reason 6; you already own a smartphone that works (iPhone 3GS in my case) and don’t feel the compulsive need to get every shiny new toy every time a slightly “better” one comes out

Reason 6A; you feel the need to buck the current trend of rampant consumerism

That was exactly what I thought when I read the Yahoo article. Call me an iPhone fanboy if you will, but it’s a good product and excels in the eyes of just about everyone I’ve come across who owns one.

Reason 7: Apple is blaming consumers the reception is poor with the iPhone because they don’t hold the phone correctly, or they failed to buy an addon case for it. No mention from Apple that their redesign of the antenna is the problem. Never a good move by the manufacturer to blame the consumer for a design/manufacturing defect.

Suggesting that the phone be held in another manner is not “blaming consumers.” IF that’s the problem, then I’ll agree that Apple let the ball drop on this design flaw. It’s a little early in the game for anyone to be playing armchair ref, though, especially when the problem is inconsistent and has yet had a chance to be documented and examined in depth. I’ve seen the YouTube videos, but I can also “recreate” the same issue with other, non-iPhone phones. I have yet to experience reception issues with the iPhone 4, others’ mileage is clearly varying. The point is, the problem is a new one, it’s a little early for anyone to be calling it a design or manufacturing defect, and at this point all Apple can suggest is to try holding it another way if that works for some people.

Luckily I can’t really upgrade my 3GS until February, unless I want to pay an extra $200.

I say luckily because I checked out the phone today, and I definitely would have bought it at the subsidized price. But I feel I’m better off waiting for some quality control issues to be addressed.

I didn’t realize how great the new “retina” screen is until I checked out a web page. Damn. I’m now convinced that the future of e-readers won’t be e-ink, but high-pixel-density screens instead.