Consumer Reports gives iPhone 4 a thumbs down "Not Recommended" due to significant antenna problems

Oh well.

Consumer Reports Won’t Recommend iPhone 4

Is CS still relevant for computers and electronics?

Really, it’s never been their strong suit. Their methodology seems sound enough in this case, but they’re not really telling the world anything that we didn’t already know.

Well, if you’re looking on Apple’s forums, you might not already know about it.

I think it still is relevant, however it’s important not to single Apple out. Most new technology has bugs in it. I don’t excuse Apple or Microsoft or any other company for hits. Clearly they don’t test things properly. But I think most companies do not test properly or this wouldn’t happen.

Like most things, with new technology I wait till I buy. I admit I wanted to buy an iPad, but I since it’s just a toy and a very expensive one, I will wait a long while first to get the bugs worked out and second to see if anyone comes up with a decent alternative.

This has actually restored my faith in CR. They’ve been gutless shills for iPods. When a feature would actually first be implemented by Zune (it has happened), they would later do a comparison, and still they’d write “Zune has such and such, just like the iPod.”

This is especially true in the wireless industry. The desire to have the latest and greatest compared to the competition is so great that companies use their customers as testers.

In all fairness there’s no amount of testing that a company can do that will simulate how an end user will utilize their phone. My company lab tests new cell phones for about six weeks before they are sent out for field testing (which lasts two weeks). There was no test we could do that would show the effect of sending an average of 12,000 text messages a month for six months. Until I had a customer come in with a bad keypad after doing exactly that (and that number is no joke–her excuse was that she was popular).

I’ll even cut Apple a little slack on the antenna issue since it probably wouldn’t come up in lab testing. But they had to have some sort of clue after field testing.

I’m rocking some serious Schadenfreude right now.

Jobs won’t admit that Apple has become the evil empire. It’s incredibly ironic that they ran the iconic 1984 ad but these days they’re the ones censoring content and locking down their OS.

I really, really want Apple to fail. These days they are bad for so many things IT. They feel to me like the early years of the Bush administration.

(Not hating on Mac users, loves his iPod. Just wishes the iPad and iPhone would either open up or DIAF.)

In this year’s annual Worst Company In America vote (run by, the blog site for CR), Microsoft was voted out early. In its area of the 64-company bracket, Apple wiped them out. Apple in turn also beat out AT&T. Apple would later lose in the next round to the eventual worst company for 2010, Comcast.

Apple has a thin skin.

Most users would give Apple a pass if it was simply a technical glitch.

But when the fucking CEO gives a snarky response to a complaint - Just avoid holding it in that way

And when the company begins deleting threads that are critical of the iPhone

Well, let’s just say that I am not sympathetic.

I know it’s a stretch, but I believe that there’s a faint possibility that a cell phone user may, under some extraordinary circumstances I’m sure, attempt to hold the cell phone on their hands and make or receive a call at the same time. :smack:

But it’s not a cell phone. It’s an Iphone. Completely different animal. Like all Apple products the cusumer isn’t supposed to use his grubby little hands. No, the user should first place the machine on an I-altar and then kneel before it in pious awe.

Some people on other websites have speculated that this wasn’t picked up because of Apple’s habit of disguising their prototype models in older iPhone cases when used in public. It’s quite possible there was very little direct hand to antenna contact in testing without plastic in between.

Censorship is nothing new to the Apple forums, apparently. They’ve been deleting threads and posts discussing how to downgrade your iPhone OS from version 4.0 back to 3.1.3. Quite a number of iPhone 3G users (myself included) found that the OS 4.0 “upgrade” rendered their phones so slow as to be virtually unusable.

I downgraded and now my 3G works fine again. Apple, following their modus operandi, would rather pretend the problem doesn’t exist.

It’s weird to think that Apple has become the new “big empire”.

Don’t they earn more than Microsoft now? God help us to even mention IBM anymore.

IBM’s revenues are more than twice what Apple brings in.

What you did there? I see it.

Oh, yeah. 2009 Revenue numbers from S&P:

Apple: 42.905 billion Microsoft: 58.437 billion
IBM: $ 95.758 billion

Lab testing is not going to discover an issue like that since the phone was either set on a table or put on a stand. Field testing would have discovered it depending on the scope of the testing. I’m willing to bet Apple didn’t let AT&T do a lick of field testing. Some Apple engineer went out into the wild and did a bunch of tests weighted heavily on data connectivity rather than call quality. Apple didn’t test it as a phone, they tested it as an internet device that could make phone calls. That mistake has given both Apple and AT&T a black eye.

I’m interested in Apple’s response to all of this. They’ve scheduled a press conference for Friday to discuss the issue.

I got mine yesterday and am very happy with it - the phone part is so far better than my previous 3G.

Job’s major complaint regarding IBM was that it wasn’t innovative. That complaint has never been applicable to Apple.