The Jell-O Thread

Jell-O. The most wonderful food in the world. There is always room for Jell-O. ALWAYS.
Jell-O in its pure form is unrivaled. I hate it when it is contaminated with fruits or liquids other than water. Also Jell-O in shapes other then a bowl is wicked. Jell-O molds or Jell-O jigglers (sp?). Pure, uncontanimated Jell-O in its bowl form is the best substance on earth.

I’ve also heard that Jello-wrestling is nice.

…and the worst substance on Earth is Diet Jello.

But would diet Jello be less sticky to wrestle in than regular Jello? Hmmm…

Actually, I don’t eat Jello unless I have the flu or something. Then I eat it “plain”.

I sometimes will eat some of the jigglers I make for my son. I guess I like rubbery food. Reminds me of Mom’s home cookin’.:wink:

I’ve often wondered at the fact that we’ve yet to develope a Jell-O bomb. It’d be way easier then actually shooting at folks and with the added bonus that who ever you’re firing at would have a chance to sit down and enjoy some Jell-o, there by reminding them of their childhood and sapping their will to kill

Peace y’all

I love Jell-O, but I was so hoping that you had opened that jello pit back up, but you haven’t. Pity, that! =)

Jell-O, Jell-O bo Bell-O, banana fanna fo Fell-O, me my mo Mell-O… Jell-O!!

Out of curiosity, what’s the Jell-O pit?

Jello wrestling IS fun (I speak from experience). And jello is yummy. Especially the cherry kind. :slight_smile:

I just seen that hypergirl was in the Jello thread, and I just came by to watch.

Supernova, I don’t quite know how to explain the Jell-O pit to you. Its a virtual pit in which we all jump in and wrestle around in our regulation g-strings. My suggestion would be to search for The Last Word thread, which was created a little less than a month ago, and the Congratulations, Sapphire Bullet thread, which was also created a little less than a month ago. So, um, yeah. I hope that helps.

sniffle No jello pit? Awww, can we start one?


I’m with you Kitty, lets start one. I’m ready in my g-string, just let me know

I’m nekkid & shaved for maximum slipperiness :wink:

Let’s go!

strips down to regulation g-string Now where are the pit playthings?


Ahh, The jell-o pit…


So many good memories…

As for me, I just think Jennifer Lopez is a great and talented musician/actress.*

Sorry, isn’t this the J.Lo thread?

[sub]*oh wait – no I don’t.[/sub]

Make way!
I’m jumping in!
This is gonna be a hell of a lot of fun.