There's Jell-o in my Fingerbowl...

…and it’s just kinda wobbling about.

I don’t know why there’s Jell-o in my fingerbowl. Much moer distressing, though, is I don’t remember why I own a fingerbowl to begin with. I think perhaps I’ve never used one…unless it was at one time a shaving razor. Because I’ve used a shaving razor on many occasions. (I have a very smooth skin in places if you can get the hair off of it).

I think also that there is a goldfish in the Jell-o. It’s a large one, which makes me wonder how deep in the Jell-o it must be, because it’s totally covered on top. With Jell-o of course.

My purple has winced.

… We repeat: stay away from the Brown Acid …

There’s a finger in my Jell-O bowl. And you better believe I am gonna sue somebody.

Whatever you do, don’t remove it! I’m trying to see if jello can regenerate body parts. Or whole bodies, in this instance.

By the way, anybody got a band-aid?

Is it wiggling with the jiggling in a wiggling spree?

Inigo, are you on the drugs again?

I dunno about Inigo being on drugs… I did drugs once and that OP’s waaayyyyy weirder than anything I saw/heard/smelled/felt.

Your purple has winced? Look what you did to my purple you bastard, it’s near catatonic! :mad:

It’s not catatonic. It’s pining for the fjords.

Beautiful plummage.

::Homer Simpson:: MMMMM, purple finger jello…

Inigo Montoya, it’s not your fingerbowl. It’s my fingerbowl.

My wife’s cool with your being here and all, even if it is a little weird. Not to worry, though; you’re more than welcome. In fact, it is much appreciated that in my absence you’ve mowed the lawn and trimmed the shrubs. Grooming the dogs was a nice touch, too, even though they were my neighbor’s dogs, not mine. The wife says you did a great, professinal-quality poodle cut on them.

Of course, the fact that one is a Rottwieler and one is a Huskie and so it kinda looks…well, strange…is, well, no big deal, really.

But please quit hanging upside down from the oak tree by your toenails. You are skeezing the neighbors out.

Hope you enjoy your stay in Florida, though, and welcome!

Inigo,f In thinko you rshould dsit down and relax.
I now you have been under some stress, but I’m sure we can work through it.
[sub][sub][sub][sub]Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn [/sub][/sub][/sub][/sub]
Theo importantb thinge isy not to do anything crazy(er).
[sub][sub][sub][sub]Khidir beneath Momouteh[/sub][/sub][/sub][/sub]