The Jeopardy thread [was James Holzhauer][contains spoilers]

Tried a few episodes, but no. Between the cheesy pro-wrestling nicknames and the final exam being a group project, it’s too cringey.

What are they going to do with the episodes Richards already taped? Toss them in the bin and bring the contestants back for a rematch? They had a returning champion from the previous season; how will this affect him?

Mu understanding is they’re still going to air them but with a message at the top explaining he’s not the new host.

That’s gotta be a tremendous put-down. Talk about “washing your hands” of the whole affair! The guy is probably never going to work again, at least not in broadcast TV.

I’m a little surprised. I thought it would happen in October or so. This is several weeks earlier than I expected.

Just a bit ironic in that had Richards not auditioned for the host job, he would likely still be executive producer.

The squeaky wheel got greased, just not the way he expected.

So they are airing Mike Richard’s episodes as is. I didn’t expect them to re-tape (as that would effect results), but I thought they might dub over the clues being read (and skip the interviews)
Was there any note at the start? (I tuned in half way through Double Jeopardy!)


The new intro theme music sounds like a bad Midi arrangement. It’s annoying.

Glad to see new episodes.

Matt looks rested and more relaxed.

The only out-of-the-ordinary thing shown at the start of the episode in my market was a clip of the dedication of the studio in Alex Trebek’s name; his widow and two children were present.

Johnny Gilbert said “and now the host of Jeopardy, Mike Richards” and we were into the game.

No ‘always in our hearts’ card at the end of the game. (That they’d drop it was anticipated by many, I gather.)

Did anyone else find tonight’s FJ clue confusing and misleading? The word “site” made me think of something more specific than “colony.”

I would have said “Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,” though I know now that’s incorrect.

All things aside, i thought Mike Richards made a good host. It’s too bad he shot himself in the foot without thinking of the consequences.

Well, the category was The 13 Colonies.

“Home” might have been a better word than “site.”

I like Mike Richard’s hosting style. It’s a shame he shot himself in the ass (several years ago) on social media. It’s ironic because a lot of actors and musicians were jerks in their private lives. It just didn’t get saved on social media.

Matt ran away with the win. He’s going to be tough to stop.

Social media are EVIL! :japanese_ogre:

Or even “colony,” in this case.

I correctly assumed they wanted the name of the colony.

And Matt’s a lot more likable, now that he’s rested.

Except for that counting syllables on his fingers thing.

If I were one of the other contestants, I would have started doing that with every answer.

In no way do I want to beat up on a person-on-the-spectrum, particularly given that the description applies to a lot of us here.

But Matt’s expressions ALWAYS remind me of the scenes in the 1994 film Quiz Show, in which contestants “demonstrated emotion” while on camera during the filming of the 1950s show “Twenty-One.” (Both major contestant-characters, in various scenes in the film, describe how they were coached to do so.)

Not that I think anyone’s coaching Matt on his facial expressions; he’s smart enough to have come up with them himself. But I don’t think he comes across as ‘natural’ in any way.

And that’s okay. A person-on-the-spectrum is rarely going to “look humble” or “look grateful” or “look surprised” naturally; for many, it’s always going to be artificial.

We may have found Matt’s weakness: he didn’t even ring in on any Old Testament questions.