The Jeopardy thread [was James Holzhauer][contains spoilers]

And the guy that literally wrote the old testament missed half of them.

Looking forward to today’s game. Matt has a chance to beat Julia Collins 20 game streak.

That’s when it gets really interesting. Can Matt beat James Holzhauer’s 32 game streak? That’s a big jump from winning 20.

Listening to that guy’s story, it seemed clear that he only transcribed the Old Testament to please his parents, not because he felt any particular devotion himself. So it’s not surprising that he didn’t retain much of it.

I agree, in general, but most Jeopardy! contestants remember a lot. I’ve never read the Bible, but if I did I bet I’d get a lot more bible questions than I do now, just from exposure.

I’m told there was an obvious edit just before Mike started speaking, presumably to truncate his “Honored to replace St. Trebek” speech.

I realize this seems petty, but another thing that annoys me about Matt is his refusal to say “I’ll make it a true Daily Double,” or “I’ll bet it all,” or “everything,” or “all in,” or anything other than the dollar amount he wants to wager.

Interesting (and quite plausible).

Yeah, it would have been embarrassing not just for Richards but for everyone else connected with the show, had such a speech been aired.

How long until they have to redo the opening?

<Johnny Gilbert>
This. Is. Jeopardy!
Here is today’s host. An Executive Producer from Burbank, California, Mike Richards; whose three-day cash givings total $104,000.
And now, here is the contestant of “Jeopardy”, Matt Amodio."

So it’s Bialik and Jennings for the rest of the season.

I’m thinking that they’ll have to edit out something at the end of the Friday show, where Richards presumably says something like “see you next week.”

When he first did his guest turn, I liked him as a host. This might have been in part because he was unknown (to me) so at no time was I distracted by remembering who it is filling in. Watching this week, I still think he is a good host, but now of course, I have the same distraction, thinking about what else I know about him

Interesting. This would seem to balance what actual Jeopardy viewers actually like (Jennings got the highest ratings, with Richards at #2) with the demands of the woke Twitter mob (which I’m not convinced is comprised of even regular Jeopardy viewers, let alone representative of its core fan base) who kept pushing Burton (whose ratings were dead last) and think it’s “problematic” for the host to be a white man.

They should have announced a new host last January. This host search has become a distraction. It’s not fair to the contestants or the game.

We have a champion that’s won 21 games and over 750k. He’s already joined a very exclusive club with Ken Jennings,Brad Rutter, and James Holzhauer. Yet the chatter is all about Richard’s hosting this week.