The Jimmy Carr unappreciation society

I’ve been getting “8 Out of 10 Cats” from the generous internets (relax, you can’t even buy that show in America), and Jimmy’s the host. He gives a joke monologue intro, and it’s probably the worst I’ve ever seen. He seems almost like he’s going for something related to Steven Wright in his delivery, it’s so repetitive, but Steven’s material is so cleverly written that in his case you don’t care.

Jimmy reminds me of being forced to watch a cousin do his standup routine in the living room. I’m reminded of some sort of mechanical “person”, so still does he stand and so precise are his movements and so predictable is his tone.

I can’t understand how this guy is some sort of comedy star in Britain. Or do I have that wrong?

I think he’s funny.

Maybe you have it wrong?

I have it wrong that he’s some sort of comedy star in Britain?

I think the problem with 8 Out of 10 Cats is the show, and the guests, rather than Jimmy Carr himself. It and they are just not funny enough. But, I don’t think he is particularly suited to hosting a show. He’s better as a wise-cracking observer, like Paul Merton (compare Merton’s reined-in style as the host of Room 101 to his sometimes exhilarating performances on Have I Got News For You).
He’s a pretty good and original stand-up comedian. The undemonstrative thing is just part of his style. I’ve never thought of him as trying to do a Steven Wright.

I like him as a guest on panel shows, but his stand-up isn’t my thing at all, and his monologue intros on 8 Out of 10 Cats do suck.

HIGNFY regularly surprises me with the comments from the panel. I recognize Paul from the original WLIIA, on which I thought he did pretty well. Now that I’ve found a good place to get these, I’ll probably see a lot of it.

What are the seasons for these, or are they year-round? Does Jonathon Ross really only show on Fridays? Isn’t the younger crowd all out of the house? That seems like a bad night for that kind of thing. Or were they not going to watch him anyway?

Oh, and THREE DAYS TILL TOP GEAR!!!1111oneone:cool::cool:

Oh, and why did Faking It stop? I love that show, but they seem to have done the British thing of just leaving it when there was so much more that could have been done.

Two series a year of eight or nine episodes each. Series 37 just ended. Wikipedia has a nice episode list.

I don’t like Jimmy Carr, but have to say that he’s funny. He’s v popular here - I believe he’s done stand up for years and has it down pat. If he tours the UK he’ll perform in big venues, sell out no problem etc., so he’s well regarded.

8 out of 10 cats if shite, tbh with you. There’s a conveyer belt of lame, faux-offensive comedy like this that gets shoved on Friday evening in the UK for people falling back home from the pub. Must say that Jimmy Carr seems to be involved in a lot of it, so maybe the TV show is not his milieu.

Agree with you on Faking it btw - there were some awesome episodes of that show. Probably the best reality show there’s been IMO. Don’t know why it stopped, just ran it’s course I guess. Maybe a problem with it was that the final competition bit, to see if the faker could pass muster with the judges, was often a bit contrived.

I mostly agree with this. I think he’s hilarious on QI, and I particularly like The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year; he’s a pretty decent host for that one.

But I think the intros to 8 out of 10 Cats are just starting to get repetitious, and beginning to strain against the “statistics” heading somewhat, so its flaws are showing.

Also agree that he’s at his best on the panel shows. He pops up on TV a lot, often more as a presenter than a comedian. He doesn’t usually give them much effort, a few quips and onto the next segment.

I can’t stand the man - he’s an unfunny shock-jock who looks like a bad waxwork of himself. Generally, if he’s in something, I can’t watch it.

Cardinal, have you ever seen Mock the Week? Another panel game, but on a different level of funny to 8 out of 10 cats.

Yeah, he’s not my favorite British comedian by a long shot, but he can be much, much funnier than he is on 8 Out of 10 Cats.

He has his moments.

Jimmy Carr is a superb deadpan comedian with great one-liners, who can also respond rapidly to hecklers.

As others have said, ‘8 out of 10 Cats’ is a formulaic show, which gives the host little choice what to do.

Not having seen this, I just tried to watch the latest episode on C4’s website. I made it through the first two jokes before killing it. I’ve heard better material at open mike nights.

But yeah, I’d agree with some others here; Carr may not be in the funniest 500 UK comedians, but that was just painful, even by his standards. I’d be very surprised if he wrote those jokes. Hell, I’m quite surprised he agreed to say them.

What is QI? Is there a longer, real name for it? Try searching for two letters. How am I going to get this?

Quite Interesting.

It’s hosted by Stephen Fry, and is one of the best shows on TV today.

One of things to bear in mind about QI is that they Quite Often recycle ‘facts’ that have been disproved either by Snopes or by the Straight Dope. I find that Quite Annoying. But the show can be entertaining all the same.