The jobs bill just died in the Senate

How do you feel about it?

Republicans don’t have a legitimate counter. “Just cut taxes more” isn’t gonna work, and soon enough people will start to realize how empty the rhetoric is.

What now? Are Republicans actually determined to obstruct any legislation that comes their way? Are we really going to coast by with double digit unemployment without any meaningful intervention?

So what isn’t Republican’s fault? Last I checked, not every Senate Democrat voted for the dang thing, either.

I was kinda hoping that the Occupado movement would send the Pubbies into such a panic, they would throw themselves at Obama’s feet and blubber for forgiveness. Oh, well. The only bit of hopeful news in it is the relative solidity of Dem support.

The Pubbies want that overseas tax holiday for their Masters. They will probably trade that for an unemployment extension, i.e., gimme the money or the working class stiff gets it. Fuckers. Maybe the Dems can squeeze a little something else out, but it ain’t gonna be easy.

Yeah, all two of them. :rolleyes: You do realize that there are moderate Dems, right? Not everybody is at the extremes of their parties.

Actually it’s Bush’s fault.

So Nelson and Tester are moderates and the rest of their party are at the extreme? I can believe that.

This was hardly unexpected. Now the Republicans are officially against jobs and for millionaires at the expense of the 99%.

Yes because this jobs bill will end the recession and bring unemployment to 2006 levels… :rolleyes:

That’s not a very sensible comment. Are you of the opinion that something that does not restore every single job isn’t worth doing?

Also, the recession is over.

I can’t help but think this makes Obama’s case for him. He’s trying to help, but them damn Republicans! Messing everything up for everyone.

Wish we could hear some ideas from them other than “cut taxes for the job creators!” That record is getting old.

Though sometimes I think Republicans are trying to invent a mobius strip representing the spectrum of conservatism, just so every favored Republican can be further to the right than any disfavored Republican.

Round two will be even better: they’re going to break up the bill into its constituent parts, and make the Republicans vote against each one of them. If we can’t create jobs, we might as well load up our guns for the election.

Yes. They’d rather see the country in ruins than for anything to happen that might make Obama look good.

Certainly, that’s what the Republicans want. It makes Obama look bad and hands employers enormous power by terrorizing the workforce. They call it “labor discipline”. Plus it hurts poor people which is always a plus in their eyes.

As for the Democrats, they’re too spineless to matter much.

Wasn’t this bill designed to die in the Senate?

You are violating the “assume good faith” debate rule.

What should they have done differently?

Nobody claimed it would. What’s your better idea?

That’s a silly rule to follow when the other side clearly isn’t acting in good faith and has even said so. A refusal to recognize that the Republicans aren’t acting in good faith and aren’t the “Loyal Opposition” is a major part of why the Democrats have been doing so badly for many years. They need to recognize that the Republicans are enemies, not just political rivals, and that the Republicans are unscrupulous, deeply irrational and completely lack concern for the welfare of the country.

Cut taxes. Which he doesn’t pay.

You’re a Republican?

That is what the GOP is saying-that cutting taxes will be better than the jobs bill rather than just because the GOP hates anything Obama does.