The joys of moving

Tomorrow the van arrives, ready to ship most of my belongings off to Orlando, Florida. Whee!

For the past five days, I’ve been cleaning, packing, cleaning, packing, and cleaning more. I’m probably trashing/donating about 20% of my belongings – clothes I no longer wear, little things I haven’t seen in years but somehow seemed essntial enough to save at the time I packed them away last, that sort of thing. Some observations:

  • Damn, where’d all that coax come from? I found about 10 two to four foot sections of coaxial cable. Must have come from all the times in my life I subscribed to cable, moved, and kept the cable company-provided coax from the connection.

  • Telephone cables/wires/connectors. There must be about 20 of 'em.

  • IDE cables. I only have two computers, so I’m wondering what I’m doing with 12 IDE cables.

  • Photos. I’ve been meaning to make a photo album (or a small library of 'em) for many years. After I gathered all my photographs from eighth grande to the present, and threw 'em in a box with other documnents, I’d find yet another pack of photos five minutes later. And another. And another. Lots of stuff I’ve been meaning to scan in and throw up on the Web site, too.

  • Pens. I collected about 200 working pens. from around the house, either packed up, in pen cups, or whatever. I’ll be working in local government for a small town that doesn’t have much of a budget, so the pens may come in handy.

  • Love letters from my most recent ex-girlfriend. Well, it was about three years ago (pathetic, isn’t it?), but still, her notes professed eternal romance. She eventually broke up with me because I told her a dirty joke, the one about the nun and the busdriver.

  • Manuals for electronic equipment that I no longer own.

I think one I get settled in Orlando, I’m going to have a massive eBay selloff. CB radios, computer cards, the second stereo, some books that I don’t read but I think are too valuable to toss, that sort of thing.

Damn, I hate moving.

We’ll raise a glass to you in sympathy next Thursday at the weekly NYC Dopers’ bar night. Last week we compared moving horror stories. There’s nothing good about it.

Another native Western New Yorker moving to Florida? About 20 more, and they’ll start putting candidates for the Erie County elections on the Florida ballot.

Yup, another member of Generation X-Buffalonian. I’m in Denver now, but cashing out of the overpriced real estate market, and moving for my dream job. The 'rents are happy, since RT airfares between Buffalo to Orlando are about $100, compared to $400 and up for a flight to Denver.

Today, my mom and I were talking about how it seems that most Western New Yorkers, if/when they leave the area, inevitably end up in either North Carolina or Florida. I’ve seen a few Bills stickers here in Denver, but it seems like most of my peers back home have their eyes set on Charlotte, Raleigh or Greensboro. Dunno why, since Columbus and Indianapolis are clsoer, offer a low cost of living, present less culture shock, and also have healthy economies.