The joys of opioids and PS3

I had a wisdom tooth yanked out on Monday, and I’m all loopy on Vicodin and playing Red Dead Redemption. That is all.

Be careful, you’ll end up eating peanut butter and soy sauce sandwiches, or dipping your Oreos in nacho cheese. Have fun, and sorry 'bout your teeth.

I don’t think peanut butter, nacho cheese or Oreos are in my culinary future for a few more days.

When 11YO mudgirl was very small, she loved Teletubbies. ::Shudder::
That is, until you’re completely strung out on Percocet for a kidney stone. Then, Teletubbies become downright amusing! :wink:

Have fun when the poppies wear off. You can start another thread about how depressed you feel.

(FYI, Narcotics Anonymous has smoke-free meetings every Wednesday night at 7:30pm at the St Mary’s Catholic Church.)

House? Is that you?

It’s a good game to get lost in, that’s for sure.

Although you might start worrying about mountain lions hiding in your kitchen cabinets, or being mauled by a bear on your way to the bathroom.

Plus you won’t be able to look at a bird in flight without everything going slow-motion and sepia-toned.

Yeah, I hear that’s a game you can really sink your teeth into!

I’d download Flower - that’s gotta be a trippy game on the happy pills.

Interestingly, when I had my wisdom teeth out in 1997, I was given Percocet. And you know what I did that same evening?

Went out and bought a PS(1), and played the hell out of it for three days. There really is nothing like opiate-stoned PlayStationing. :slight_smile:

(I later got addicted to opioids, though, so yeah, be careful!)

I feel ya!

With me it’s high dose anti inflamatories, and muscle relaxants. 3 of each, per day. I’m good up to pill number 4, then I get a little loopy. I’m not like a messy drunk, or anything, but I can’t just answer, when asked a question, I have to think first, really slows you down. Don’t want to schedule things for after dinner that require too much focus!

Came back down to earth this morning. None too worse for wear, but I did have messed up dreams of skinning rattlesnakes last night.