The Just Ice League.

So I’m assembling a team of superheros with ice-based powers to form the Just Ice League. So far I have recruited Iceman, Fro-zone, Zan*, Ice T, and Elsa. Who else do I need?

*and his dead-weight but necessary sister.

The Snow Miser

Mr Freeze, who presumably reformed from his life as a supervillain and now seeks to redeem himself by fighting crime.

Well, there’s several who’ve actually been in the regular Justice League - Ice, Ice Maiden, and Killer Frost (current version).

Other DCU heroes: Frostbite of the Young Heroes, Polar Boy of the Substitute Legion, and Commander Cold of the Renegades.

DC Multiverse: Arrowverse and Flashpoint (comics) Len Snart.

Not published under the DC imprint: Planetary’s Elijah Snow.


Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat.

Ice King.

Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians.

Doctor Permafrost, from the TOM STRONG comics, does the ‘reformed villain’ bit.

Well, semi-reformed. I mean, upon getting stuff explained to him, he’s reliably wound up helping our hero — and with his medical know-how and freeze-ray gun and secret lair, he’s been pretty useful in lesser-of-two-evils situations. But he’s not exactly going out on patrol to foil purse-snatchers and get kittens out of trees.

DC also has Commander Cold (an alternate universe version of Capt. Cold) who’s a good guy mostly.

Commander Cold (who I mentioned) is actually from the future, not an alternate universe - he’s a (former) member of the Renegades, a 25th Century police squad based on the Rogues. He IS only MOSTLY a good guy, though.

The good alternate universe versions of him are Citizen Cold (Flashpoint comics universe, TV Earth-X) and Officer Len Snart (Comics Earth-3).

Seriously, it’s taken this long to get to Iceman, one of the founding X-men?

The next glaring omission is the famous old guy with the magic belly button - the Abdominal Snowman.

…the first character mentioned in the first post?

Celsius, from the Doom Patrol. (She also had heat based powers.)

That one idiotic wonder twin who could turn into ice/water things. Shape of, an Ice Dildo! So I guess that means you need the other wonder twin so that he could actually activate his icy powers. Form of, a rabid wombat! And since you now have both of those idiots, you might as well take that brain dead space monkey, Gleek.

Zan was also already mentioned in the OP.

Shows how much I know about their names.

For evil values of good.

Frostburn, from Niall Teasdale’s Ultrahumans series?

He still steals, but fights world-ending threats, right? It’s been a while since I read Flashpoint.