The Kills - live stream (NOW)

Best live show :slight_smile:

Provide some context or discussion here newcomer, or else we’ll ding you for spamming the board.

I’ll fill some space while newcomer finishes watching the live show…

We saw the Kills on some talk show or other, and they sounded good in that limited context. Later, I saw part of a concert and heard another song that I liked. Tell me what you like about the band and which CD you’d suggest for someone just now getting interested.

Ups, sorry… I got so excited I wanted to share the link. No discussion really - I just think they sound and look fantastic on stage. Especially Allison :o

I have “Keep on Your Mean Side” and “Blood Pressures” albums on my iTunes and each song is really good with some that are great. Overall, their sound while raw and on moments repetitive is complete and innovative. Lyrics and singing is top class - cant really point to a woman in rock right now that I’d rather listen than Alison. And watch :o

She looks totally rock-womanly-hot and it’s a pleasure to watch her strut on stage. Songs sound cool and fresh and with some you can even dance. My personal fav song -