The kind of posts I hate

I really dislike posts that consist of the poster analyzing the previous poster’s message (or the message of whoever is the enemy on the thread) sentence by sentence. They’re long, boring, and confusing, and nobody cares except the few people involved and their friends.

A few posters whom I respect, like Majormd and Pldennison, are sometimes guilty of doing this. When they’re involved, it’s a venial sin. But could everybody try to cut this out?


really dislike?..those are some strong words

what else would you find on a message board such as this?

Analyzing? or responding pernt by pernt?

That’s you right, since you posted prior to me?


Or fragment by fragment

Sez you.

Like the one’s reading the thread and posting on the topic in the first place?

There are no “friends” in cyberspace.

I’m sure you’ll list them for us

As if it matters

Everyone is guilty of something

Pardonable sin for some, but not for others?


If I had anything to me I’d dissect Ulig’s post and double-quote everything from the original post while responding to it and Ulig’s lines, but. . . I think I’ll watch a movie.

– Sylence

I don’t have an evil side. Just a really, really apathetic one.

Lawrence wrote:

OK…you dislike them…

Then Lawrence writes:

Ok…you get confused…

Then Lawrence writes:

You must feel so torn…

The Lawrence writes:

What’s venial mean? I might have to look that up…

Then Lawrence writes:

I tried, but I just couldn’t stop myself…

Who the heck do you think it is? Some kind of frictional character?

I disagree, I don’t think they are strong words. I think they are weak words. Why not use some words with more ‘oomph’ behind them? Why not just save bandwidth and say ‘hate’?

Well, I don’t know - he could be talking the things that hold fences up, which I wouldn’t expect to find on a message board.

What in the hell is a pernt?

Well, let’s keep an open mind here - maybe he means the kind of poster you hang on the wall.

Enemy: one that is antagonistic to another, especially one seeking to injure, overthrow, or confound an opponent.

Enema: the injection of liquid into the intestine by way of the anus.

They’re right next to each other in the dictionary - I wonder why?

Or phrase by phrase

You mean like this post?

Now, why in the world would the people reading the thread be interested in reading the thread? Huh? Just tell me that!

Whassa matter, Ulig, got no friends or something?

I have a poster of the Peyote Priest hanging on my bedroom wall.

Websters Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary: Matter: to form or discharge pus.

I beg your pardon! I am as pure as the goddamn driven snow!

Venial sin: a sin that is relatively slight or that is committed without full reflection or consent and so according to Thomist theology does not deprive the soul of sanctifying grace.


(keeping my fingers crossed that all of my little quote-y things work properly.)

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored. - Aldous Huxley

Lawrence states:

What the Hell could my wife and Phil be doing on a message board to get a sexually transmitted disease?

<font size=1>
Oh, you said venial not venereal – er never mind continue with your dissections of quoting, but next time quote somebody so I can keep up.

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I recommend pleasant.”
Elwood P. Dowd

::eyes widening:: Sue and PHIL???


(Hey PUN – I can get you a good lawyer – gotta go for that army pension!)


Then don’t read those posts.

Sheesh, if one is to make a point based on another post, wouldn’t it be prudent to quote the words so as to give reference?

This is not a conversation, but a message board. You can’t politely interrupt the conversation to give your opinion in this manner.

It is far easier to quote the post by which you are giving your opinion on than ramble on without reference. That is more confusing.


[doing my best to be unpleasent and stupid]
posted 01-03-2000 12:32 AM

You’re married to Pldennison? And isn’t Majormd’s name Sue, not Phil?
[doing my best to be unpleasent and stupid]

This is exactly why I always post to this MB with my rubber gloves on.

Hell is Other People.

Rubber gloves on what?!?

Yer pal,

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Yeah, I knew I’d get the piss taken out of me on this one, but I still hate those damn posts where every sentence in the previous post is hyper-analyzed by the next poster. I’ll stop playing favorites. Everybody cut it the hell out!

Lawrence - I agree with your last post.


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