The Kitties are coming....maybe

My #2 daughter had a cat show up in her apartment complex this Spring, and she suspected that the cat had recently had a litter of kittens. Sure enough, there were three kittens in the garage she and her roommate’s share with the opposite apartment. I called dibs on two, as we lost two of our three kitties in March.

The kittens are now approaching three months, and since when I breed my poms I do not let the pups go to their new homes until they are three months old, I thought that would be an appropriate time to ship the kittens. I probably should have researched kittens a little bit, but really, three month old kittens are little babies still, right?

So yesterday I took a small pet crate to the airport and sent it to my daughter, who was then to pick up the crate, add kittens, and send it back.

It sounds fairly straightforward and simple, yes?


First she called and spoke to someone whose first language was not English. I can hear through most accents, but not my kid. After a lack of communication, she called me and asked me to find out if the crate had made it to Anchorage. Three phone calls later I was assured that the crate was indeed at the cargo desk in Anchorage. I called my daughter back and gave her the number to the cargo desk, and told her yes, there was an English as a first language speaking person expecting her call.

About half an hour later she calls me, having spoken to (according to her) 5,000 different people, including many “Let me transfer you’s” before she finally got the woman I spoke with, and got the affirmative that the crate was there, and received directions to the cargo desk. Which is nowhere near the ticket desk, and she has never picked up cargo in Anchorage. Included in the phone fest was being transferred to the animal shipping desk, where she was informed that they weren’t open on the weekend. Several transferred calls later she finds out that yes, they are open, but since by now it’s noon she is told the kittens will have to be on standby and probably won’t get out until the last flight of the day.

So she drives to the airport, finds the cargo desk, gets the crate and takes it home. Uh oh, a problem. She calls me and says the three* kittens won’t fit in the crate. What??? It would accommodate three three month old pom puppies. I have failed to take into account that three month old kittens are much larger than the same age pom puppies. I mean, they are kittens…it’s been a very long time since I have had any kittens.

So now she is off to buy a larger crate, and with any luck the kittens will be here on the 10:ish flight tonight, otherwise they will come tomorrow. Or Monday. But they are coming!

If you have read this far, cute kitten photos are your reward!

*A friend heard about the kittens and also wanted one, so all three are coming. Mama cat is going into a rescue, she is a gorgeous siamese cross, charcoal grey with siamese points and bright blue eyes, I am certain she will quickly find a forever home.

Those are some real cuties! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…

See people? This is how you do a kitten post!

I beg to differ, tomorrow the bomb shall drop.

Traveling by air is quite the adventure for the fuzzy junior overlords. I suggest you be fully prepared with tuna tribute…

What fuzzy-wuzzy wittle kyooties!!! Squee! I keep walking hubby by the kitty cages when we go to Petsmart, but he says one cat is enough! I am both pleased and jealous! :smiley:

I skipped to the pictures. Am I a bad person? Anyway, you lucked out on these ones, very cute.

My daughter called at 9:30 to let me know that the airport had not called her to come pick the kitties up for the night, so we were good to go. I called my friend and she picked me up and we headed out to the airport at 10:00. As we were driving out the road she asked if that was a dog trotting on the opposite side of the road, and I told her no, that’s a fox. Sure enough as we passed it was indeed a pretty little fox making it’s way alongside the highway as if it was the most natural thing in the world. It was a pretty fox, a mix between a red and a cross fox, if I had to try to describe it I would call it a tortoiseshell, unusual but beautiful none the less. This time of year it is still daylight at 10:00 pm, so we had a good look at it.

We arrived at the airport at 10:30, just as the plane was coming to a stop at the gate, we could see one prop still spinning, so we waited in the parking lot to wait out the disembarking. When the majority were out of the parking lot we went inside, and were told that the cargo was being offloaded and sorted, so we went and sat down. People-watching in the Kodiak Airport is always fun, one guy was walking around looking for all the world like an outdoors manly man, an all Alaskan kind of guy. Then he turned around and nodding their heads in the pocket of his backpack were five sunflowers, slightly wilting. It gave us a grin.

After 20 minutes the cargo guy from yesterday called me and there were my kitties. A nice roomy kennel with a big poufy pillow, and all three kittens were huddled in one corner! Poor things, the bigger kennel was a good idea, but they would have fit snuggled up like that in the original crate for all the room they took up. I wrote the check and we peeked in at them…three months was the best age, imho, these are still small kittens.

Into the car and back into town. We get to my house, and both the grey and white spotted and the calico were sitting up and looking around, but the black kitty was huddled and not moving. I became anxious and we hustled them inside. I opened the door, but the kitties were trembling and unmovable, so we popped the top of the crate to check on each one. The black kitty was just huddled up as small as s/he could get itself, but otherwise fine. Grey spot is the largest, and is going to be a longhair. Calico is the feistiest, had her back all arched up and was silently hissing, open mouth, no sound. The black is the calmest and mellow, s/he just wants to snuggle.

After I checked them out and was satisfied that they made the trip fine I put the top of the kennel back together and they went into my daughter’s room as planned. She had a litter box, food and water ready, and propped the door open. They all three have come out of the crate, had some kitty kibble and water, and have been exploring her room. As they have never seen another animal other than their mama they are apprehensive about the poms, but that will pass with time. Then old man Kazzpurr went in to check them out. He is my 7 year old neutered male and is a big ol’ macho kitty. He was quite perplexed and left my daughter’s room, came up on my bed long enough to glare at me, and is now sleeping with The Son.

As I previously mentioned, I haven’t had any kittens in years, and oh my! Death by cuteness! The best part was the look on my daughter’s face, that smile is priceless. It’s such a blessing to give one’s child that much joy with such a simple act.

There is a problem though. I don’t want four kitties. Do I? The grey spotted kitty is a heart breaker, I may just have to make room for one more. Daughter is already giving me the doe eyes and pleading expression. It won’t be much of a jump to convince me to keep all three.

I want to thank you for your kind words, and oh yeah, squee!!! Itty bitty fuzzies with big eyes and attitudes, but so tiny and precious! What is it about babies of just about any creature that makes me go all weak and squishy inside? I am so happy with these babies, I held them and hugged them and kissed the top of their furry little heads and my heart got all warm and toasty! Perhaps tomorrow the bomb will drop and they will be hellions, but it’s okay, I like spunk! Oh, and tuna is not good enough for my animals, we get cases of canned salmon for the pets, and they find it far superior to tuna. They will get their tribute in the morning, salmon is pretty rich to have in baby kitties tummies after a separation from their mama, a flight, a new home, and bedtime.

I will have to get some photos in a day or two and post them. Until then, I am just thrilled with our new additions. Kittens, squee!

That was assuming Kitty pics were in the mix.
Well, we’ll be waiting for future links.
I know how hard it can be to choose which one(s) to keep, we’re going through the same ordeal right now.

:eek: :smiley: The cuteness is killing me. I’d keep them all, of course, but I really like this kitten.

Adorable! I like the black and white one but all three are cute! Keep them all!

Now I want a kitten! My cat is a big hairy 4 year old fuzzball. Still looks a little like a kitten because of her shaggy long hair, but she’s definitely mellowed out into cat-form by now!

I wonder if our new landlord will give us permission to get a second cat this year…!

The kittens have ventured out of the crate and are busy exploring #3 daughter’s room. So far grey spot is the brave explorer, calico is the fiercest as well as the smallest, and black tux is the mellowest.

Boscibo the little calico is mine, and her name is now Callaloo. I do not think I have the will to let grey spot go, both he and black tux are boys, and the spay/neuter will happen as soon as they are large enough.

Poor kitties are still upset, but holding them close and talking softly while scritching their chins and petting them calms them. They seem to think the poms are some sort of monsters, which they are, but the kittens will eventually be larger than the poms, so it will all be okay in the long run. Kazpurr kitty is disgusted, but, after checking them out, is ignoring them.

I just love kittens, and am wanting to hurry and play with them, but it’s going to take a while for them to settle. So small, so soft, so precious…I am hopeless against their cuteness!

Hmmm… I did a post, posted it and it went all blank. :eek: I’m skeered!

Anyway, I looked at the pics thinking, kittens, eh! Puppies are a lot cuter. Then I saw the one of the black and white lickin’ his paws and went all "AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!. The little stinker suckered me with a cute pose.

Now I know that all it’d take for a kitten to sucker me is to look up and lick it’s little paws. Gee thanks kaiwik! :rolleyes:


I was bad and skipped right to the pictures.

I did too, but I’ll ADD like that. :smiley:

Extremely cute kitties, kai! Glad they made it safely to you.


Kitties are so wonderful. My roommate and I have three full grown cats and it is all I can do not to bring home every baby kitten that crosses my path. I don’t think I could refuse I was sent a big box of kittens!

and you’ll post the appropriate thread link in this thread, right? RIGHT???

Thanks for the aww’s and all, and yes, I will try and get some photos tomorrow. Right now they are still freaked out, Callaloo and black tux prefer to be under my daughter’s nightstand, and grey spot pokes his head up when I call him, but that’s about it. The girls in Anchorage did a good job in making sure they and mama kitty were well fed and warm, but they did not work much on socializing the kittens. Also, the kittens, having never seen another animal other than each other and mama are totally spazzed over the dogs. I’ll get the salmon out and lock the dogs inthe kitchen tomorrow and see if the 'fraidy cats will indulge me in a photo shoot!

The reason they wouldn’t fit in the smaller carrier is clear to me…

Miracle Gro