The KLM ad (Ramana sitting on air at airports)

You may have seen this video. It shows the magician Ramana advertising the Economy Comfort for KLM by sitting on air at the Manchester Airport. It is pretty neat.

How is this done? I can only guess it involves some rigid support inside his pants and his shoe latching on to something on the floor (a la clown shoes). Has this been revealed anywhere? It’s been around since February.

This may have been discussed here before. Search is not my friend.

As with a lot of magic tricks, people who really know won’t tell you and everyone else is making educated guesses. I think your guess is probably spot on.

He’s got something in his pants. You can see right away that the right leg of his trousers is a little bit longer and touching the platform at his heel, and at a couple points it looks like the “curve” of his ass (for lack of a better term) isn’t quite right. So there’s something coming either up between his shoe and pants or more likely, it’s a fake shoe slightly too big for him with a support coming to him. Something thin metal or plastic, molded to fit him tightly, running up his right leg, under his ass, and most certainly up his back under his shirt.

You can see it under his shirt too, and you can also see the leather of the shoe almost pulling into folds (have a look around 1.01) with the strain of being nailed down with all that weight through it.

As already mentioned, it’s probably a variation of this, except of course the support is underneath Ramana’s clothes, not masquerading as a cane.