The Kolbrin Bible

There are several references to an “ancient” book called the Kolbrin Bible. It’s supposedly composed of about 12 manuscripts and was written starting around 1500BC by Egyptian scholars and finished sometime during the 12 -14th centuries by the Keltic monks. If, and I stress **if **the time line were valid then the information contained in it is at least fascinating and at most one of the most important books ever written. The earliest historical reference that I can find appears in the late 19th century when it was “rescued” from a monastery fire somewhere in Briton. Is anyone familiar with the book and is there any credible evidence of its authenticity?


Of course there’s no credible evidence. Whether any evidence worthy of being called evidence exists at all is what you should be asking. Take a look at the website.

Complete and utter hooey. They want your money because they think you’re an idiot.

The Catholic Answers Forum has some intelligent commentary on the historic improbability of this as a genuine document. Of course, no one has ever seen the supposed originals, which by itself obviates any chance of this being real.

Also check out Phil Plait’s Planet X page.

The only fascinating thing about this is what is tells us about the gullibility of the public in regards to the 2012 hoax.

It looks like it was written by a guy named Glenn Kimbell, who has some kind of unique ideas about Jesus.

It’s pretty much crap, combining things like British Israelism with Planet X/Nibiru stuff.