The Lakers: Three, Fo', Fo', Fo'

(With apologies to Moses Malone).

for a team that looked like it was in disarray just a month ago, the LA Lakers are sure impressive now, winning seventeen in a row, going back to the end of the regular season. The natural talent of Shaq, the speed of Kobe, the three point help from Fox and Fisher, combined with the veteran experience of Grant, make the Lakers poised to win their second crown in a row and justify Phil Jackson’s infamous “asterisk” quote, rreferring to the Spurs, made earlier this week. The question is: Do you think that the LA Lakers will do the unprecendented and win every game in their playoff run?

I don’t think so.

Though, Pretty Boy Fox said that he won’t cut his hair until their streak is dead. Expect the Postwar-Patton hair down to the ass for a while.

Erm, that should be “Prewar”

Possible, but doubtful. I think the Spurs take at least one game from them, and they might let down in the Conference Finals, too. (Assuming they even beat the Spurs, though last night as a pretty convincing win.)

Still, you never know. If the Lakers take the next game, they might very well take Games Three and Four in the Staples Center.

All right, I believe.

Actually, I believed after Game 2 of the San Antonio series.

While I did think the Lakers would be the Spurs, I’m shocked at how decisively they won. The last two games were incredibly lopsided, with the whole 4th quarter (and more) being “garbage time”. (Derek Fisher with over 20 points??)

It’s possible that the Eastern champ might be able to take a game from the Lakers, but it sure seems like a longshot. Unbelievably, the Lakers have gotten better as they’ve gone along.

Where the hell was this team during the regular season?