The lamest response to a complaint

I wrote to Orbitz:

Their response:

WTF? Is this the lamest response to a complaint ever?!

It’s a basic generic response.
What did you want them to say?
Did you want them to refund money? Why? You chose to book through them. Didn’t you check the airline site first?
Your letter wasn’t specific enough to require a specific answer, IMHO. I think you were mad because YOU made a mistake and now your blaming Orbitz.

Well, it’s obviously an automated form letter. I doubt any office drone named “Margaret” actually read your brilliant missive, let alone formed an opinion of it. The fact that Margaret works there but doesn’t have a last name should be enough of a tip-off.

My favorite fictional example is the response Roger Meyers, jr. wrote to Marge in a Simpsons episode when she compained about the violence in his “Itchy & Scratchy” cartoons. It starts with “Dear valued viewer, thank you for taking an interest in the Itchy and Scratchy program…” and ends with “…and the horse you rode in on.”

I wrote to Pepsi one time to complain I couldn’t find any “specially marked tops” (give me a break~! I’ve won two years worth of Pepsi in the last few years) I listed a bunch of places I shop and said there were no caps at any of these.

Her response: “you should really get out more”

gee annie, thanks for your support.

I got a previous automated response email, so I expected a little more of the “so sorry… we try our best to give you best deal… sometimes, however,…” variety. Especially since they pride themselves in their ads for their low prices.

I think there really is a Maragaret. Unfortunately, her existence revolves around which of her 3 canned emails to send out.

Yes I should have been a SmartShopper[sup]tm[/sup], but geez Louise, at least “respond”.

My question was, “Why should I want use you again?” So I didn’t smack them in the face with “You lost a customer”. Doesn’t anybody care that they lose customers?

I run a business. If one of my customers (clients, actually) complains, I don’t send them a freakin’ form letter. And if I can’t “make it right”, I can at least offer something.

I’m gonna get blasted for this because I’m not replying in the spirit of the OP, but…

/professional corporate travel guru hat ON/

Did you consider using a travel agent? Sure, they charge fees now, but some shopping before purchase couldn’t hurt. I just checked and I could’ve gotten the tickets for under $300 each, provided that you stay a Saturday night. And I’ve got a contract on Continental Airlines that gives me another 10% off on top of that.
I’d be glad to look into any future travel you may have.

/professional corporate travel guru hat OFF/

My ISP has three ways of getting “support”:

Via email: All responses are of the form “Please use one of the other two methods.”
Via online chat: Pretty much doesn’t work.
Via phone. 9 times out of 10: “The database is down, please call back.”

Why they bother listing the first two is a mystery. Also, it’s an ISP, not an ice cream company. Why don’t they make the first two work? Esp. the email one can save them money.

Whatever happened to the old $15 a month nerd in basement ISPs? People who asked if you also wanted a shell account (and knew what that meant).

try dealing with FedEx. you will compile an amazingly long list of the most pathetic responses to any inquiry in a very short time. i would devulge more, but when i think about it too much, blood vessels in my head start to pop!

for further info, refer to “The Motor Insurance Sketch” by Monty Python, except you get no nude lady with FedEx. (not yet at least, but maybe later! :wink: )

No, it’s not the lamest ever – trust me.

I play an online RPG. It’s not one of the big three; it’s a fairly small company. Within their fan base, they are NOT well known for their customer service. At all.

Once, they upgraded their server, and I was downloading the upgrade. It was about a 30 meg file – and I have a 24.6k modem connection, so it takes a long time. They had one option to dl it in 5 or so pieces of 6 different files, so I used this option, since my ISP is not exactly the most stable. (I had not yet discoverd the joy of GetRight or other similiar programs.)

Anyways, after literally hours spent downloading this retarded game, I tried to install it. It didn’t work. I followed the damn instructions perfectly, and it just didn’t work. The installer gave n error message. By this time, I had spent half the day attempting to log on to the damn game, and I was seriously annoyed.

I sent tech support an irate email, informing them it might be a good idea to ensure that their product worked before putting it on a website to download. Yes, it was not as polite as it could have been. However, I did not use any profane language, and neither did I directly insult anyone.

My response? A form letter, telling me that “If you continue to use profanity in your emails to us, your account will be terminated.”

Unfortunately, I do still give my money to that company. I’m as addicted to the RPG in question as I am to the SDMB.


Maybe the so-called “Margaret” is actually a collection of staff writers penning letters for the business under a trademarked ficticious name???

Nah… that NEVER happens!:wink:

Bearflag, you’d better not be implying what I think you’re implying…


Once, after much complaining, bitching, yelling, and swearing (well, no actual yelling and swearing), I actually got a cheque for about $200 from FedEx, as well as vouchers for future service.

In my neck of the woods, that makes me pretty close to being a goddess as one gal can get. :smiley:


Why NOOOOOO, of course not… don’t be silly… shucks.

I agree with GrizzRich. Nearly everytime we go on vacation, the travel agent beats anything I find over the Internet. You have to have a good agent though because some of them really suck.

Fairly major hijack here, but not a total one, as it could possibly help NutMagnet in the future. This is directed to BlinkingDuck, and GrizzRich, who I take it is in the business, and anyone else with experience. I usually get my airline tickets as NutMagnet did, via online services (I’ve used Travelocity mainly). I’m planning a vacation soon, and I was thinking about going through an agent, since I’ll be wanting to do a airfare/room package. What do I look for in a travel agent? How do I tell the good ones from the sucky ones?

Anamorphic, Do not rely on the agent but check them out. Look on the Internet and compare to what the travel agent comes up with. A good travel agent should be no more expensive and maybe even cheaper. However, a good travel agent will bring up packages you never see on the Internet at a good price.

The way I look at it, bad travel agent is the equvalent of you looking things up yourself on the net. A good travel agent will know of ones better and cheaper since they have their head in the game all day.

You may have to try several to find a good one, but when you find one, hang on! My problem is that my agent left the field so I no longer have a good one. She was real good. :frowning:

[comic book guy]
Worst response, ever!!
[/comic book guy]

OK someone had to say that!

But seriously: WTF would it have really taken them, to provide a response that was more, I dunno, RESPONSIVE sounding?! Clearly it was just a canned reply. I suggest you simply show them the same regard they’ve shown for you - and take your bizness elsewhere.

At the very least, you should shop around before committing your money - try a travel agent, as suggested. And if they have trouble finding/getting what you want, ditch them and try another. Also I’ve had pretty good luck by shopping around with the various services on the web (but stay AWAY from those that want a CC# up front… long story/rant for later). Good luck -

Have to agree about FedEx.

My boss is into drag racing. He once had a large, expensive custom-made car part (a transmission, I think) shipped to him by FedEx. The company that made it had shipped a lot of them, and they knew how to package them. They built a huge, well-padded wooden crate around it.

It showed up smashed. It had obviously been dropped off the back of a truck. They filed a damage claim. FedEx flat refused to own up, even though my boss got testimony from the FedEx driver who picked it up—he remembered it because he commented on how sturdy the package was.
Another time, a company sent us a reefer unit to repair via FedEx, and it showed up smashed as well. Although they did pay for that one.

My advice: Don’t use FedEx for anything besides letters and such. I wouldn’t trust them with anything remotely breakable.
Regarding travel agents: The other boss (wife of boss #1—it was a mom & pop company) was really thrilled when she learned she could book tickets on-line and avoid the travel agent, and travel agent fees.

So instead of making a five minute phone call and paying a $10 fee to a travel agent, she’d spend literally hours on line, trying to find tickets. Sometimes most of a day. Yeah, that’s a good use of your time.

“Please fix my reefer unit! It’s not working any more!”

“Dude, that’s a roach unit. Cashed is cashed, no repair can fix that one. Sorry.”


Eh, perhaps I should clarify that “reefer”, in this context, is short for “refrigeration.”:smiley: