The last thing you ever want to hear your little sister say.

[sub]Re: What’s the last thing you want to hear your little sister say?[/sub]

Already heard it on the phone:

"It was good seeing you at the funeral after all these years. The lawyer finally got around to looking into Mom’s stuff today.

There’s a note in there for you that says she really loves you.

She says she’s willed the house, both cars, the boat and the land in Florida to me. I’m the only beneficiary on the insurance policies too.

Since you have a job and a house and I don’t have a job or a house or even a husband, I think it was fair enough, don’t you?

Love ya’! Gotta’ run!"

The reply to that one:

“Yeah - that’s what Mom says, too.”

As posted on bash:

“I’m not naked yet!”

Okay, party-pooper here. Sorry.

I was 15 when my 18-yo football captain boyfriend took advantage of me. You may be in Italy, but do you have an open communication with her? Talk to her. Tell her to - at the very least - listen to that little voice.

Do you have friends back home who can make it clear to all involved that she has back-up? Even if you aren’t there, and the middle brother doesn’t have the social/physical weight to back her up, friends can make a difference.