The last time you called to check weather/movie times/sports scores?

Remember those phone numbers you could call for an automated recording of the weather? Similar numbers existed for movie times, sports scores and other things.

I’ll estimate 2004, I definitely had a mobile phone but not yet internet on my phone.

There was a number that you could call to get traffic reports of the local interstates. When I was driving professionally, I called that from time to time rather than trying to bring it up on my phone.

That would have been pushing into 2009.

Many airports have an automated weather observation station (AWOS) that produces up-to-the-minute automated voice reports of current local weather conditions. To hear it, tune your aviation radio to the local published AWOS frequency.

Some (or all?) of these stations also have phone numbers that you can call to hear the same report. Here’s an example you can call yourself to hear what it sounds like: Byron Airport AWOS at Byron, CA: 1-925-634-0906. (The report may also include additional remarks about local runway closures or other conditions.)

It wasn’t this century.

Same here. The first thing of use I ever heard about the Internet was a Prodigy ad that said you could get movie times without using the phone…which was good since you needed the phone to be hooked up to the Internet.

In the early 10s I was friends with a guy who REFUSED to look up anything on his phone despite him having an iPhone, and my own phone was slow as hell on any sight with a ton of pictures, so I wound up calling MovieFone still for showtimes at his house.

I think in the 80s.

For a long time our local weather office would give the level of a popular paddling river on their recording. It was very good info for a small group of people.