The Last Unicorn in '04 COOL!

I was browsing IMDB to see if The Last Unicorn was Rankin/Bass production (it is) when I came across this. Apparently The Last Unicorn is in pre production! Not only that but it seems like its going to be live action, not animated.

When I saw that as a kid I absolutly loved that movie (although I pretended not to like it because I thought it was a girl movie). Then as an adult I watched it again and got the deeper meanings in the movie and loved it even more.

I just hope they don’t ruin the movie…

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

The original animated version was perfect. How could they make it any better?

I’ve known about this for awhile. There do have a site up detailing the movie. The CGI previews look really good and you can download the script for your own perusal. I didn’t know it was coming out in 2004 though! Yay! Soon!


Reality Think basically a remake of the movie. Everything is pretty much the same except for some scenes that are in the book and didn’t make it to the original will be in this one. I can’t wait though I do hope they don’t muff it up.

Here’s a question was the book intended for children, or for adults, or both?

I don’t know what the intention was, but in my experience it can be read by both, and is quie accessible. Beagle’s sequel, The Unicorn Sonata, also seems appropriate for both ages, but is perhaps more geared towards younger readers, and isn’t as good a book (in my opinion).

As for the movie, I’d heard about it a while ago. Glad to see that they’re getting most of the original cast for it, at least so far.

Beagle wrote it originally for his children. They wanted a story and he started writing, chapter by chapter, for them. It just kept getting added onto until it was done.

Reading it though you can see certain ideas that it was meant more for adults. Like if it really was a children’s book it wouldn’t have had the unicorn leave Prince Lir

and then at the end he finds a Princess in need of saving and rides off with her. That’s where it ends. IMHO it would have had a better conclusion rather then leaving you hanging on Lir riding off into the sunset with his Princess. What happens to them after that??

I’ve noticed the library doesn’t consider it a kids book. It isn’t in the junior section but rather the regular fantasy section.

Personally I think of it as a mix. There is plenty there for the kids to love and enjoy, but there is lots for adults to enjoy as well.

Does anyone know if this is going to be Live action or animated?


No, I will not watch it!

My favourite childhood movie of all time, and they’ll fuck it up, I know they will. It’s perfect the way it is, goddammit!

What’s next, a live-action remake of Flight of Dragons?!:mad:

“When the last eagle flies over the last crumbling mountain,
and the last lion roars at the last dusty fountain…”

It wouldn’t be the same without America, either.

It’s going to be live action… if you look at the site I linked to it’s the official one. The costuming ideas look pretty cool as well.

Okay, I took a deep breath and reread a little bit of it. So…it’s a rerelease then? With some touching up?

'Cause I still think it’s totally unneccesary. If they’re going to rerelease it, they should do it exactly as it is (with of course whatever restoring needed to be done). I mean, it would be nice to make the movie accessible to a new generation of children because it’s so wonderful, but I don’t believe for one second that they could resist throwing a bunch of crappy CGI effects in there.

Pretty much a re-release made with live action and some of the people who did the voices actually playing the characters.

Like I said it will also be slightly different. Should be at least decent though considering Beagle wrote the book, the first screen play AND this screen play so we aren’t having some hack writer coming and messing with his vision. We’ll just have to reserve judgement on the movie until it comes out.

But what about my beloved Mr. Arkin?


I can’t WAIT! Oh jeeez. I will be FIRST IN LINE. This is the coolest thing since striped toe socks!

That movie formed a large, influential, and really warped part of my childhood! Wow. And Christopher Lee repeating his original role IN the flesh!! How hot is that?

Thanks Biohazard! You have SO made my day!!

Magic, do as you will!

Since? I LOVE striped toe socks! I’m wearing my new pair I got for Christmas :smiley:

lol I will definately be the first in line myself.

So what, exactly, is the point? Anyone can see the original and this is likely to be worse in comparison.

Yeah, I know. Cash. But that didn’t excuse this any more than it does Van Sant’s “Psycho.”

woohoo! toe socks lovers unite! six pairs here and counting!

Really? I loved it as a little girl, but I tried to watch it again this summer and couldn’t get past the traveling circus scene. I couldn’t watch Legend either, so I had to put both on the list of movies I’ve outgrown <sigh> At least I still enjoy Labyrinth :smiley:

I agree 100% with NailBunny… I also agree 100% with Epigramcracker.

??? So you absolutly refuse to watch it and are going to be the first in line to watch it? Are you going to shut your eyes the whole time?

Anyway, I think this movie has ALOT of potential IF it is made correctly. It does have alot going for it: Original Writer, and some of the original cast. The biggest problem I see is if they make it a kid movie or dumb it down/comercilize it too much (Like SW Episode 1 groan)

Welcome, Epigramcracker :slight_smile: