The last video you saw playing in someone else's car

Now that cars, SUVs, and minivans have the mounted TVs in them, it’s becoming more common to run into a show, movie, or video that’s playing in a nearby vehicle while you’re on the road.

Two nights ago, I was at a stop light behind a van, and they were playing some weird animated kiddie video. There appeared to be three adolescent frogs (standing upright, wearing clothes) who were talking to some guy (perhaps a dog) with bright red tufts of hair lecturing in a lab or classroom. There were also what appeared to be a couple of ordinarily-inanimate objects which were moving around the scene (they also had additional limbs). One of them was white and circular–like a breath mint–but didn’t have any eyes.

That’s when the light turned green, and we were on our way. So, what was the last thing you saw in someone else’s car?

An episode of Family Guy. I wasn’t behind them long enough to figure out which one in particular. I’d say that about 90% of the time when I see people playing dvds in their cars they’re watching Spongebob.

Little Mermaid and I’m 99% confident that it was the Ursula’s Song scene.

Shrek 3.


Can you imagine watching Cloverfield or The Bourne Supremacy in a moving vehicle? I’m getting sick just thinking about it.

Actually, all the bouncing sync’s up if you are driving on PA roads while watching either movie.

I am pretty sure that what you saw was from the LeapPad series. The “breath mint” was likely either an anthropomorphic zero or letter O. My children love the stuff, and I have to admit that they genuinely learned quite a bit from them. Those DVDs have been on the playlist in my own minivan on numerous occasions.

I’ve never been in a car with a video player. Must be a demographic thing.

They all seem to be playing some Shrek or another. If we could just get them to turn on the Closed Captioning I might have a more accurate idea.

Normally, when I see them, it’s either Elmo or some random kiddie video similar to what ArchiveGuy mentions.

Neither have I (and since I’m assuming they only appear in vans/SUVs, I probably never will).

Thanks CTB, that was definitely it!

Last one I saw was playing some action movie.

Last one my wife saw was showing porn.

A Tin Tin cartoon.

Labor Day weekend 2006, we were stuck in the bumper-to-bumper queue at the Otay Mesa border crossing waiting to get back into the US. I saw all 115 minutes of Cars in the minivan in front of us. And yes, that weekend was a good 2 months before the movie was officially released on DVD.

The closest I’ve seen is portible dvd players with one of those big battery packs in the car. And it was Once More, With Feeling, the buffy episode.

Either kidvids or porn. My running total is about fifty-fifty.

The last video you saw playing in someone else’s ear

Hey. So I’m a little ahead of the tech curve.

For many years, until fairly recently…

it was always Spongebob!

Just recently I saw a cartoon with subtitles playing in a mini van we passed. It kind of stood out for me because I can’t remember the last time I could actually see the picture in someone else’s vehicle. I didn’t recognize the cartoon, though. Probably anime.