The Lastest From Darrell Issa

Remember the “Fast and Furious” story from a few weeks ago, wherein Congressman Darrell Issa and the House oversight committee was investigating Attorney General Eric Holder? No, I didn’t think so. Well thank God that’s over with. Issa can now get back to doing what’s really important for the country, naming something known as the “exclusive economic zone” of the United States after, you guessed it, Ronald Reagan! One of the goals of the zone is “conserving and managing natural resources.” Speaking of resources, I can certainly think of better uses for, oh, about 180 pounds of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus.

You must live a rich, inner life.


Remember, you can’t spell “a ass driller” without Darrell Issa.

A brown toaster doesn’t appeal to the market.

Darrell Issa fuckwit.

Just from the photo: I don’t know what an “aide hands” is. Also, he is apparently a (R-CA)®, which is like Republican[sup]2[/sup]. Which is weird, because apparently becoming more Republican makes you like Israel less and love those what hate our freedoms.

Considering Issa’s attitude towards Israel and relations with the Pro-Israel Lobby that’s a rather odd statement.

Is he not a real Republican?

Shoulda used the sarcasm smiley. But no, he’s been accused in the past of being pro-Hezbollah, or at least a fellow traveler.

Yes it does. My current and previous toasters were elephants.

To stamp out flaming ducks!

What is really ironic here is that the treaty that created and formalized Exclusive Economic Zones was opened for signature in 1982. Reagan refused to sign it.

Clinton signed the treaty in 1994, but it has been blocked from ratification by conservative Republicans who object to the economic provisions of the treaty.

That’s not ironic. Reagan only had a problem with other people having exclusive zones. He was totally in favor of us having one. Irony is naming a high school after the least educated POTUS of the last 75 years.

Oh, wait.

What’s the matter with calling a school Harry Truman High?

Truman got halfway through a law degree.


Shit, you think Vinny didn’t?

Harry Truman never even attende much less graduated from college so when you referenced the “least educated POTUS of the past 75 years” you must have meant him unless you were simply shooting your mouth off about a subject you knew nothing about.

Which is it?

Truman attended two years of law school from 1923-24.

In 1923–25 Truman took night courses toward a law degree at the Kansas City Law School (now the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law),

I guess you’re technically correct. Law school is not “college”. But I think most people would credit Really Not All That Bright with being correct, and would now be laughing at you.

It’s too bad the “lastest” in the thread title is a typo! I wouldn’t mind if this were the “lastest” thing that he ever did in office.

Ronald Reagan graduated from Eureka College. Now knock it off and get back to bashing Issa.

Thank you.