The Law of Return

Let’s say the American government collapses due to an invasion of rapid beavers and I decide my best bet is to immigrate to Israel under the Law of Return. How do I prove that I am a Jew, or alternatively, the child or grandchild of a Jew?

It’s pretty tough, actually. It’s my understanding that you have to show some kind of physical proof that your family is Jewish, like your parents’ ketubah or something of that nature.

In theory, I’m eligible for Israeli citizenship under the Law of Return, but in reality, I have NO IDEA how I would prove it. My ancestors were exactly the sort of socialist atheist Zionists who immigrated to Israel during the Second Aliyah - but they went to Brooklyn instead. Because actually practicing Judaism would have been way to bourgeois for them, I have nothing physical I can point to.

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But what if a rapid beaver (or at least a very fast one) was Jewish? Could he emigrate to Israel? Could he become a rabbi?

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My mother’s father was from Russia, so maybe records still exist listing him as a Jew? LIke Kyla, my Jewish ancestors dated from a time when religious observence was at a low and a lot of Jews actively played down their identity. Was your ancestor a Jew if secular authorities said he was?


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Are we too early/late for the Dopers in Israel to weigh in on this?

I think it’s like midnight Sunday in Israel right now, so you may need to wait a couple hours.

A bit of googling got me here

Thanks for the info. The link states (as Kyla mentioned), that if you are a child of a Jew, you can provides your parents’ ketuba as proof of their Jewishness. However, what do you do if you have only one Jewish parent? Or if your Jewish parents were not married in an Orthodox ceremony? Or if the ketuba was lost?

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at least in the past it was so. Israel accepted the ubiquitous ethnicity declarations in Soviet documents. (Sure enough quite a few fraudulent ones were manufactured in late eighties and early nineties for non Jews wishing to emigrate due to the post-Soviet economic collapse ) Not sure if they still accept them though, now that most Jews from Russia moved there.

This will certainly become an interesting topic once the American collapse drives an exodus on a scale similar to the Russian one and the question arises how to process the non-religious amongst American Jews.

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