The Learning Channel (mild)

I was watching some show on The “Learning” Channel called the World’s Worst Horribly Mutilating Accidents Shown Over and Over and Over (or something).

Why was I watching this piece of tripe? Well, I was watching Animal Planet and switched to TLC for the commercials.

So I’m watching this piece of crap, which I would say is like watching a car accident but it IS watching a car accident, and I watch this guy ride a motorcycle zoom up a ramp and crash horribly. His leg is bent in a way that no leg should ever be bent. The narrator says “he broke both femurs, his tibula and fibula…”

THE WORD IS TIBIA FUCKERS! If you’re going to use big words your writers should be smart enough to DO A SMIDGEN OF RESEARCH (open a fucking dictionary). I know the Discovery channel has been pitted before (TLC is owned by whoever owns Discovery) but I had to get this one out. I don’t know why, but it makes me sick.


I’d agree with you (about the crap programming on TLC nowadays) but I’ve even seen ‘tibula’ in a medical text book (Clinical Anatomy and Physiology ((I think by Random House))) so, apparently, its a common mistake.

BTW, being a ‘film geek,’ in your opinion, who is the most prolific director of the 20th century? (hijack warning)

Prolific? As in most movies directed?

Maybe prolific was the wrong word. I’m looking for the director that you, personally, feel that has made the biggest impact in cinema.

What I HATE about TLC is the paranormal spoon-bending bullshit they often feature. I was all excited when I went to satellite so I could see some half-decent documentaries (in a Ken Burns-free zone!) but for my money the Discovery Channel has less pseudo-science.
And I don’t go for those animals attack shows. But, face it, EVERYONE likes to see a guy get hit in the balls. I tape those funny video shows JUST so I can fast foward to the pinata party’s inevitiable denoument.

As for the most influential director:

I’d have to go with Akira Kurosawa off the top of my head.

What bugs me about TLC is that, where they once had lots of informative shows about this-n-that, some of which bordered on educational (and a lot of which actually were educational; we’re talkin’ Nova-type stuff here), they have now become The Makeover Channel.

Seriouly- there are twenty one hours of prime time in a seven-day week. On TLC probably seven of those hours are for Trading Spaces and another five are for other home makeover shows such as Surprise by Design and whatnot.

And let’s not forget all of those personal makeover shows, like What Not to Wear and Date Patrol.

Then there’s the proliferation of Junkyard Wars and its related spinoffs.

Seriously, people. Enough’s enough.

It’s ‘smidgeon’.

Gaudere’s Law strikes again. :smiley: