The Libertarian appreciation thread

In the interest of fairness and balance, this is the benign twin of this thread…

No, it’s not about sociopolitical philosophy, it’s about the poster of the same name.

I may not always agree with his ideas or begin to understand his use of logic, but he’s OK, certainly no worse than the rest of us…

I suggest that we raise a good-old-fashioned toast to dear, beloved Libertarian.

Who would like to share a compassionate, helpful or reasonable thing Lib has done?

I’m not recalling specifics, but I’ve generally found Lib’s posts to be useful and generally a positive contribution to the boards.

I say he’s an asset to the boards as well.

I disagree with him on many things, maybe even most things, but I think he’s a good guy.

His thread on Kent State was simply beautiful. I’ll look for it and post a link.

Wow, thanks! Y’all sure know how to lift a fellow’s spirits! :slight_smile:

Here it is:

My mistake, justinh started the thread, but Lib’s posts to it were magnificent.

I’ve disagreed with Libertarian before … but he’s an asset to the board, and I’m glad he’s around to disagree with. (And I’ve been known to agree with him on some things, too.)

I am a semi-lurker in the GD threads.

Libertarian has challenged me to increase my knowledge, raise my awareness and even change my way of thinking. IMO, that is a very important and positive effect a human can have on others.

I have also much appreciated how he interprets his religion.

Yeah. I like him fine. I frequently don’t get what he’s saying, but I’m certainly not ready to argue that that’s more his fault than my own. And when I do get it, I don’t always agree, but he does always make me think.

Libertarian’s Ok, but I am much better.

Scylla, I thought you were dead?

Oh and I guess Lib’s ok. I don’t know him too well yet, but he hasn’t pissed me off yet. :smiley:

Every morning he waits until the snooze alarm has gone off three times before he comes into the bedroom and says “Good morning, honey!”, kisses the top of my head, then adds, “Here’s your coffee” and sets it down on the nightstand for me.

He’s my Valentine every day. :wink:

That counts, doesn’t it?

While his posts in any and all religious threads tend to annoy the hell out of me, in general, this board is much richer having lib as a member.
one question though, where are the parody threads? I know they caused some controversy awhile back when people were being bad sports about being whooshed, but lib’s parodies were comedy gold(I wonder what other forum I belong to:)). One of my favorites, that IMHO never got enough love, was I alone am capable of reasoned debate.

I think Lib is great. Undeniably an asset to the boards, and someone I’d very much like to meet in person someday. :slight_smile:

I [heart] Lib.

Libertarian told a story on another board (I don’t know if he ever told the same story here) about how he came to his faith. It’s a hell of a read (no pun intended) with all kinds of twists and turns - in other words, a real scroll-downer (the online equivalent of “page-turner”). For some reason, it affected me very deeply, and I often find myself contemplating it when I’m thinking about the nature of the universe and the divine and stuff like that.

When you’re as sensitive a person as Libertarian seems to be, it cuts both ways. I, for one, don’t particularly mind. He’s extremely human. He’s one of the richest personalities on these boards. I usually post from work, where I don’t have time to get really deep into the religious or political discussions (what with all the trying to look busy and constantly looking over my shoulder), otherwise I’d spend more time in GD. But I’ve read enough of Libertarian’s posts there to know that he thinks and cares deeply. Lots of people do one or the other, but rarely both. Thanks, man.

Libertarian has posted stuff that brought tears to my eyes.

The Lord be with you, my brother in Christ, and thank you for what you bring to the boards.