The lighter side of violent crime

After the tragedy in Colorado, we need to remember that sometimes gun-related felonies can be frickin’ hilarious.

Eduardo Torres-Lopez and Jesse Dos Santos, two guys in their early twenties, decided to commit an armed robbery of a small family-owned market in New Bedford, Massachusetts. They got guns and mask and entered the store.

What they hadn’t counted on was Otilia Martins, the eighty-year-old grandmother who was in the store. When she saw the robbers demanded money from the cashier (her daughter-in-law), Martins began picking up apples and mangoes from a display and hurling them at the robbers’ heads. There’s a video and she’s got a pretty good arm.

The robbers, who apparently had expected their guns would give them a clear advantage, became confused at how things were not going according to plan and fled the store. Martins’ son and a friend were hanging out in front of the store. When they saw the men running out and heard Martins yelling, they began chasing the men and caught them a couple of blocks away.

The police came and arrested the robbers, who are now facing charges of attempted armed robbery and assault. Plus the prospect of going to prison with the reputation as the two armed men who got beat up by a fruit-wielding grandmother - not something that’s going to help their jail cred.

80-Year-Old Granny Fights Off Robbers With Mangoes and Apples

Iranian gas station manager literally kicks a knife-wielding robber out of his store.

I thought this was pretty funny. Well, it was pretty funny when Daniel Tosh made fun of it.

ETA slightly NSFW due to a few swears from the host.