Don't mess with Granny when she's pcking a gun.

I love this story. Five thugs in hoodies burst into a jewelry store for a heist. They weren’t expecting to meet granny and her gun. :stuck_out_tongue: Worthless cowards left three friends behind as they hauled ass out of there.

Too bad they weren’t caught. Cops are still looking.

I hope they are also charged with parking in a handicapped space. Assholes. :wink:

Wanna bet this comes up on World’s Dumbest…?

Watching the video, I noticed the first robber had trouble opening the door to go inside. He was pulling instead of pushing. :smiley:

Not the smartest fruit on the vine.

The countdown to the YouTube video with “Yackity Sax” as the soundtrack starts…now.

And the door had a “push” sign on it! :smiley:

Beware of old people with guns; they’ve taken all the shit in a lifetime they’re going to.