The Lonesome Stranger

I am looking for a way to get my hand on a copy of a strange short film made in 1946.

I have done the normal Google search and I’m not having much luck finding away to buy this film or at least view the whole thing.

The film is called The Lonesome Stranger.

It stars an all Monkey cast. Thats right all the actors are monkeys.
Its a western and they ride dogs instead of Horses.

I have about the last min. of this film at the end of an old vhs tape and I don’t how it got on there or where it came from.

If anyone else has seen this film let me know.
It you know of away I can see the rest of this film let me know.

Is this it?

Nice try but thats a cartoon from 1940.

This little film I looking for has real monkeys.