The long-anticipated BamaFest

We still on for March 10, at Dreamland in Tuscaloosa? Osip? super_head? Dire Wolf? Simetra? Anyone?

Ogre, everything as far as I know is still on, and I talk to Simetra every day.

You are definitely coming, right?

OGRE!!! Where ya been good sir? We’ve missed ya. Yeah, we’re still on for the 10th at Dreamland, and I’ll be posting up more information… directions… whatnot later this month.
Still on for a carpool?

That weekend, unfortunately, puts us out of the running. We will be in the Mobile area the weekend before, and two long trips in two weeks with two toddlers adds up to… well, two much. :smiley:

We hope to make it from good old MS some other time. I know we would love to meet some of you.

Juliana and Saint Zero

To the best of my knowledge I shall be there on the 10th.
What time and all that are we planning this?
ya know all the little details…


What is Dreamland? And how far is Tuscaloosa from Atlanta? Would y’all mind getting crashed by an Atlanta Doper?

You know, in Africa elephant tusks are tight, but in Alabama, the Tuscaloosa.

Oh… You so funny Five. :wink:

Dreamland is a BBQ place. I hear tell it’s pretty good, though I’ve never actually been myself. Tuscaloosa is just a little bit west of Birmingham, which, is right in the middle of the state and a pretty quick shot across from Atalanta on the 20.

We’d be more than happy to have any and all from any of the surrounding areas. So, Five, you’re more than welcome.

Juliana and Saint, you’ll be missed. I really wish you could make it. Maybe something will work out by then? Here’s hoping… :slight_smile:

Okay, for everyone else, I’m assuming that we’d rather do this in the late afternoon. Say 4:00PM? ((1600 for me.)) Meet at Dreamland and eat, and then see if we wanna hang for a bit, or really just can’t stand that much intelligence in one place at one time. E-mail me or post here and tell me if you’d rather meet at another time.

I’m hopefully going to Tuscaloosa this weekend to hook up with Nocturne. (('Cause I like her and think she’s dang sweet.)) And while I’m there I’ll get my bearings for the town so I can give all of you explicit directions. Expect another post, or I might just bump this one, towards the end of the month.

So, here’s the plan so far:

What: Bamadope 2001. (I love that name, it makes me laugh.)
When: March 10th, 2001 at 4:00PM (1600)
Where: Dreamland in Tuscaloosa, AL
Who: All Alabama and surrounding states dopers!
Why: Cause we love you.

Anyone else that I haven’t gotten in touch with that wants to come, shoot me an email, That way I can get a headcount. Take care all, and directions are coming soon.

If the missus and I can work our schedules out, we’ll be there.

One note for barbecue aficionados who may not be familiar with Dreamland – the menu is ribs, white bread, and potato chips. If you order a barbecue sandwich, you’ll get three ribs on two pieces of white bread. (Actually happened to a friend of mine back in the 80s. Funny.) Plan on being a greasy mess when you finish your meal. White shirts are NOT recommended. All social graces are excused when you sit at the table in Dreamland.

It’s the best barbecue I’ve ever had.

Oh, I’m so there. Dreamland, plus an opportunity to meet my fellow BamaDopers? Definitely.

Simetra, yes, we’re still on for a carpool. Dammit, boy, we really need to get together soon!

Oh, shoot. I’m a vegetarian, and it sounds like Dreamland isn’t the kind of place to make allowances for such (I’ve had barbecued TVP in the past, and it’s quite agreeable). Maybe next time, y’all.

Aw damn, Five. Well, you could meet us later somewhere else. I feel relatively certain that at least some of us (ME! ME!) are gonna go get schnozzled later.

Incidentally, Simetra, I used to live in T’town, so if you need me to post explicit directions, I can do so.

If you would Ogre, my good man, please do.

Oh, and Five. You wouldn’t be the only non-meat-eater there, so, if you still wanna go. :slight_smile:

Directions to Dreamland BBQ, Tuscaloosa, Alabama:

If you are coming from the direction of Birmingham, on Interstate 20/59 (I assume that most of you will be coming that way. If not, I can post other directions. Let me know.):

[li]Take Exit 73, the MacFarland Boulevard / US 82 exit.[/li][li]Turn left at the bottom of the hill onto US 82 east.[/li][li]Proceed past the next traffic light. This will be Skyland Boulevard.[/li][li]On your left, you will see a McDonald’s. Turn left on the first road past the McDonald’s. This will be Jug Factory Road.[/li][li]Follow Jug Factory Road around until you see 15th Avenue South on your right. Turn here. Dreamland is on this street, on the left.[/li][/ul]

It should be very obvious when you get there. The place is actually quite easy to find.

Warning: You will probably think that Dreamland is in a horrible part of town, and looks like a rat trap. That’s an entirely accurate perception. Nevertheless, the food is stellar (legendary, even. The walls are covered in license plates from all over the world, and pictures of various luminaries who have eaten there.) and don’t feel uncomfortable about being there.

One last thing. If we have vegetarians showing up, we should possibly consider scrapping the Dreamland idea altogether, because Dreamland is a wonderful place, but they ain’t gonna serve any veggies. I’d hate to seem inhospitable. There are plenty of fantastic restaurants in Tuscaloosa that will serve vegetarian dishes. With that in mind, may I suggest Cypress Inn (overlooking the Black Warrior River), The Globe, Coyote Grill, DePalma’s, or Cafe Venice? Tuscaloosa is a town that loves good food, and there are plenty of restaurants that show it.

All of the places Ogre mentioned are fantastic.

Five, I’m going to be the other vegetarian there, that is, if March 10 falls within the period of Lent.

I personally don’t mind if we eat at Dreamland, but if everyone thinks a change of venue would be better, I’m all for it. Like I said, all of the places Ogre mentioned are really good.

Oh, if I failed to mention it before, I’m bringing my best friend to the DopeFest. It’s a security thing with me.

Let me elaborate just a bit. None of the places I mentioned are particularly cheap, but they are all good. Very good. Then again, Dreamland is pricey too. OK, so…

Cypress Inn - Old style Southern “big house” cooking. No, not prison. “Big house” cuisine refers to what was prepared for the plantation owners. Probably won’t see fried chicken and collard greens on the menu. You might see pan-seared trout almondine. The place is built on a bluff overlooking the Black Warrior River. Excellent food.

The Globe - Actually in downtown Northport, right across the river from Tuscaloosa. The cuisine ranges from Italian to French to Spanish. One of the best places I’ve ever eaten, and I’ve eaten at lots and lots of places.

Coyote Grill - Right off of the University campus. The food is upper-crust Southwestern, but not in that Applebee’s “we’re Southwestern and we’re gonna throw enough spice in our crap so that you can’t taste the food and you’ll walk out stinking of onion and peppers” way. If the dish is spicy it’s always done just perfectly. I’m sitting here drooling just thinking about their crab cakes with corn remoulade. Yum. :slight_smile:

DePalma’s - Straight Italian. Wonderful, wonderful food. Calzones, soups, pasta dishes, pizzas, you name it. Everything is handmade, nothing comes from a can. At least, that’s what the owner told me.

Cafe Venice - More Italian. This place concentrates on pizza, and they do it very well, from traditional pies, to white pizzas, alligator sausage pizzas, and others. Very nice.

There are actually quite a few other very good restaurants in the area, but these were the ones that jumped out at me.

I’m going to go ahead and recommend that we pick something besides Dreamland, since we wouldn’t want to exclude our fellow Dopers from a culinary treat, right? Who’s with me? Anybody absolutely got their heart set on BBQ?

I can post directions to any of the above mentioned places.

So sorry for not making an appearance sooner, but - as Ogre knows - my plans on whether or not I shall be there, are, at best, described as “iffy.” If I am in the state, count me in - and count me in for the beverage-imbibing events to follow assuming that Sir Ogre can find a place to crash. Of course, if the wife comes with, then a hotel is probably in order - is there still a charming Motel 6 down by the interstate?

As I went to the U of A for four glorious years, feel free to ask me any questions as well.

Perhaps we could do a dinner at Dreamland… party on the strip until the wee hours… then all get up in time for lunch at City Cafe. Oh my, the memories…

I say we just plan to meet somewhere, I don’t know, like the mall or something. Nocturne said that’s pretty easy to find. We meet there at like 4:00PM. That gives us all a pretty good window to be late or whatever, and still get to dinner. Then we’ll take a vote from there depending on the choices that we have available. I mean, who really knows what they wanna eat 34 days in advance? :wink:

Anyway, this sounds like a pretty good plan to me. Anyone wanna suggest a meeting place? Or if the mall is good, perhaps provide me with directions there? I just wanna get all this info together so I can send out a big ol’ email to everyone towards the end of the month.


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