The Long Reign

Queen Elizabeth II has been on the thrown for over 59 years. Who in history has reigned the longest?

Hate to spoil your fun so quickly.

Here’s a list of the longest reigning monarchs of all time:

Queen Elizabeth is quite a ways down on that list.

I knew that she wouldn’t have the longest reign, but it looks like she barely made the top 90.

She’s second among current monarchs, so there’s that.

Looking at that list, it kinda confirmed my suspicion that in terms of confirmed reigns and monarchs of major powers, Louis XIV is likely top of the heap. Everybody before him are either uncomfirmed or small fry. Jangsu might be the only potential exception, depending on whether you want to consider Goguryeo a major regional power during his reign or not.

If Liz lives as long as her mum her reign will be 86 years, which would put her in first place aside from ancient and unreliable history.

ETA Wait, that’s not right. I added ten years in there somehow. 76 years is still pretty impressive though.

I agree with Tamerlane; in my mind Louis Quatorze is the one to beat.