The Longest Thread

Things that must go:
156 posts - Closed - OP: Diane

Random Occurances:
155 posts - OP: Rilchiam

I’m posting from the state of:
143 posts - OP: Contestant #3

Movie Quotes You Use
136 posts - OP: Shirley Ujest

Whats Up With That?
129 posts - OP: TheArtist

Whats your hooker name?
126 posts - OP: Flora McFlimsey

What do y’all do?
115 posts - OP: beatle

The Simpsons: :
113 posts - OP: 647

Unusual book on your shelf: :
110 posts - OP: Greg Charles

Funny Names :
109 posts - OP: SadisticWeasel

The CONTINUING story of your alias: :
102 posts - OP: Melin

Worst moive ever…
102 posts - OP: Utinni!

Poster you’d most like to see a picture of…: :
101 posts - OP: handy

Animal Emergency
101 posts - OP: Michelle

The Story behind your alias
93 posts - Closed - OP: voguevixen

Congratulation to our winners, this list is complete for the forum MPSIMS. I have excluded any specific MPSIMS threads. This list is of all the threads longer than 100 posts with the exception of the alias thread that I included to illustrate the length of two combined threads.

Good work. May I plug another list? :

I included yours there, though it only has 2 posts so far.

156 posts is the record? Where’s Ruda Duda when you need him?

Ha! Pikers! For the really long threads, check out Great Debates. :slight_smile:

Check out the smoking threat on the flame board. Four pages and counting.

Indeed, as DavidB. said, check out Great Debates. The ‘S.E.T.H.’ thread is almost 5 full pages with 235 posts.

In addition to the one DIF mentioned, there are also:

Stupid Bible Questions at 101:

Gun Control at 160:

Black Miss American Pageant at 171:

NAACP and Confederate Flag at 158:

Kansas Vote on Evolution at 191:

Time Out vs. Butt Busting at 116:

The “Life in Heaven” trio, coming in at
Part 1, 100:
Part 2, 100:
Part 3, 121:

Biblical Errancy at 102:

Is “In God We Trust” Unconstitutional at 135:

Abortion: Pros and Cons at 100:

What We Believe and Why, Part 1 at 97:
Part 2, 44:

The Great God Debate infamous thread:
Part 1, 149:
Part 2, 107:
Part 3, 96:
Part 4, 90:
Part 5, 79:
Part 6, 19:

Some UFOs might be alien craft. I think that it’s possible. at 109:

I agree with Mike King. Ruda Duda and the original MPSIMS on the AOL board were far longer than anything we’ve seen here. For one thing, they were continually active threads for longer than this whole board has been in existance! Ruda Duda was about…what… 6 months? MPSIMS was about a century…

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Sheesh OpalCat, and there was me thinking that you couldn’t be even nearly aged enough to join in this Old Timer thread about how much better everything was back in the old days… :wink:

It only hurts when I laugh.

What kind of a format did AOL have? Yahoo, for instance, has topics 10 0000 posts long, but since it shows 40 at a time, it does not take forever to load a topic.

Doesn’t look like THIS is going to be a very long thread.

How do I find threads from April when the search thing is useless as it is now?

You find 'em by setting your screen to go back a full year in showing topics – and then looking by hand. :slight_smile:

“Who Murdered JonBenet Ramsey?” by Contestant #3 is getting up there too.
112 posts as of <font color="#800080">09-30-1999 11:11 PM</font>

<font size=“5”>More Recent Long Threads from Great Debates</font>
<font size=“1”>Threads with more than 100 responses</font>

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God’s personality
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Ya notice a re-occuring trend here, folks?
But I think I beat this horse into a gooey enough pulp.

<font color="#800080">Thank you and good night</font>

The format on AOL was to see one post at a time, and it had next/previous post and next/previous thread buttons on each, in addition to “reply” etc. It wasn’t web based at all, incidentally, it is proprietary AOL stuff.

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