The Luckiest Day of the Week.

True story. When I still in grade school, I was sure there was something up with Fridays. It just seemed, if something bad were to happen, it would always happen on a Friday. Then I found out, actually according to popular superstition, Friday was the unluckiest day of the week. I was sure there must be a connection.

Anyways, I am no longer superstitious, and no longer believe such nonsense. But, hey, if you do, more power to you. Maybe in fact then you could answer a question I have always had.

According to popular superstition–and I sure [someone will point out], astrology, numerology, whatever-- Friday is the most unlucky. What then is the most lucky day of the week according to these pseudo-sciences? (And, hey, if you don’t think things like astrology is a pseudo-science, I am glad to accommodate you. Let’s just call it a quasi-science, and leave it at that:).)

As I said, I no longer believe in that stuff. But I would be fascinated to have posts by people who do–and don’t. The luckiest day of the week. It stands to reason if there is one that is least lucky, there must be one that is most. Why not?


In Jewish tradition, Tuesday is the luckiest day. In the creation of the world in Genesis 1, on Tuesday God created first the land and then the plants, and after each He saw that it was good. As it was the only day in which God approved of something twice, Tuesday is considered doubly blessed.

I usually casino gamble on Fridays, so I don’t know what luck is available on the other days of the week … however I do know that if the date is an odd number and the month is an even number, it’s imperative I drive in circles until the odometer on my rig shows a prime number on the last two digits … that’s in addition to the obvious entering the casino with my left foot and wearing mismatched socks …

But I digress … with all due respect to the OP … there’s no factual answer to the question … I’m sending this to the moderators to change forums …

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Actually, my question was what is the luckiest day ACCORDING TO THE SAME SOURCES (superstition, astrology and whatnot) that say Friday is the least lucky.

It is just like I said, I am born in late June. So what sign am I? FWIW, that would make me a Cancerian (even if you don’t believe in astrology–much as I don’t either).

On the other hand though, much as I feared, this is discussion is already going off on a tangent. So it probably is right that it be moved to IMHO:).

I can’t provide an exact answer, but I can scientifically narrow the possibilities by 57%:

I will be in Las Vegas this Friday through Monday. Ipso facto, the luckiest day of the week will end up being either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

By contrast, Friday through Monday will be lucky for the Vegas casinos! :smack: