''The Luuuuuuuh-vvvvvvvve Board''

Wow. What an exciting weekend for lots of us. Montfort’s main squeeze, Anniz is coming in. Racinchikki is heading to Texas to see Gunslinger. And I am flying to Chicago for waitress wooing. Makes one think of that old show, “The Love Boat.” I see:

vix as Julie
UncleBill as Doc
thinksnow as Isaac
Jack Batty as Gopher

Ha! You know what’s ironic? Back in the day I always thought Gopher bore a strong resemblance to my dad. And I look just like my dad.

So, I guess I’m the assistant pursor – better go, um, purse, or something.

Does it have to be love? Can it just be someone in search of cheap thrills and a tawdry fling? I’m not asking for myself, mind you… unless of course, someone else shows up in search of cheap thrills and a tawdry fling. Then we could play Scrabble or something.

Where’s my deck chair??

And don’t forget another trans-Atlantic couple is enjoying a second consecutive weekend together: Shayna and Spiny Norman.

Good luck in Chicago, Superdude!

I want to play Charo, as April, the entertainer.
Except, I’m taller.