Welcome MY SO to the board

Hey dopers. After spending time in Dallas with the dopers, my SO came home and decided to join. So I want you all to make him feel welcome, please

Balance he liked the name you chose, but came up with his own. He chose FreudianSlip

So there you have his handle, come on in and party with us. To your left you will find the food table, and to your right the open bar.

Havent started a thread before so bear with me,please.
Let the party begin!!!

Welcome, FreudianSlip. Glad you decided to join us.

How was the orgy last night?

:::grabs a beer and wanders off:::

Welcome aboard!

Freud and Maiden it was a pleasure to meet you both.
I was well behaved yesterday, because I was being shy in the presence of yall and Zyada’s mom. The next time we get together I will be a free woman, and less inhibited! :wink:

How was the orgy and did you tell antique man hello???

Welcome, potential slave.

Maiden, is he tame?

:smiley: Elly

It’s good to be here. Looking forward to all the strangeness and other surreal conversations. Don’t have much tome to talk now, being at work and all, but I’ll be sure to stick my nose in where it doesn’t belong as often as possible.

As for the “orgy”, maidenunicorn and I decided to just come home and spend some time together alone. Maybe we will go to the next one in Houston or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

Talk to you all again soon…

Welcome, FreudianSlip!

Hope you enjoy your stay!


FreudianSlip, Wa’s the dilly, yo? Hey man, if you want I can set you up with a new grill, ‘cause you gots to be blingin’ hard up in here to make an impression. I’ll peep you later, though, ‘cause right now I needz to tend to my ho’s, lest they be gittin’ uppity an’ shit. Later, foo’.

I am a donkey.

[Bill Hicks] It’s a newbie! Get 'em! We’ll kill him and pee on him! [/Bill Hicks]

Um… welcome aboard to the board of the bored.


I’m Merc[/sub]

You didn’t go to the orgy?! Dang it! You were supposed to go and report back everything to me later.

Welcome to the boards Freud? Slip? I look forward to checking out your posts.

Grace sorry we didnt go to orgy. decided to come home instead.

Maybe the next one we go to, some of you can join us. (laughing out loud)

anyway. thanks for welcoming ** Freud **

BTW Grace and Hootie, Freud thought you were cuties.

dont tell him I told you , ok?:smiley:

Uh-oh… have I already been busted for talking in my sleep or something? Did I actually say that grace and hootie were cute? It must have been my subconscious talking there. Time for more regressive dream analysis I think.

“So tell me what you think about your mother…”

So you’re saying we aren’t cute? Or, are you saying we remind you of your mother? Either way, it doesn’t look good.

Welcome to the board.

[sub]Be the second person to have “Welcomed to the SDMB by Gunslinger” in your sig![/sub]

Now did I mention that my mother was once a beauty queen? Oh… I guess I didn’t… probably because she wasn’t. Now this is exactly the type of conversation that made me choose this name. I knew I’d manage to dig myself a deep hole in just a matter of a few posts. So, while I’m down here, will someone please toss me down a cold one?


It seems you’ll fit right in. I am still trying to get off the edge of this board (no, I am not thinking of jumping), but this edge is getting pretty cozy.

:smiley: :wink: Just yanking your chain Freud. I’ll buy you a cold one next time y’all are up here visiting.

Sounds good, as long as it’s only my chain you are going to try to yank. maidenunicorn might not like it if you tried anything else. :slight_smile:

I could always try when she’s in the pool in her new swimsuit.

Welcome FreudianSlip! Don’t worry, you’ll fit right in!

MaidenUnicorn - can I bring some of this extra food to your party? I have tortilla chips and potato chips and lots of salsa and a whole bunch of grated cheese, I can whip up some nachos in about two minutes! I also have extra beer and soda pop!