Another (belated) Hello.

After reading M253’s post I realize that I never introduced myself, for which I apologize. A short while back, and after lurking a bit, I decided to become legit and try to contribute. My name is Paul and I hail from Michigan. I pledge to be respectful and courteous. While you likely won’t want me at your party (I’m an introvert) I trust that I can become a valuable member of the forum. I’m also happy to buy you a beer if you ever get my way (just north of Grand Rapids). Cheers

Cheers and Howdy from Texas


Welcome. Be sure to enjoy the free second helpings at the salad bar on Tuesdays. Just tell 'em the Professor sent you. Good to have you here; the more, the merrier!

You need to stop pushing your whole salad bar agenda thing; nobody’s buying it and you shouldn’t be trying to sell it. :mad:

I know, I know, it’s those damn stale croutons.

As a U2 fan I can appreciate the user handle.

Why not try and fit in with the rest of us instead? :wink:



I realize now that, when I finally joined the board after years of lurking, I never properly introduced myself. So hi everyone. I’m me.

Welcome, welcome! (Admittedly, having met EmilyG in Montréal this past summer, one of those "Welcome!"s seems a little redundant, but still…)

Ice cream?

Heh heh heh. Hey, wait, I’m totally respectful and courteous! Of course, I am Canadian, and we are required by our totalitarian government to be so.

Welcome, new guy! Have fun!

ETA: Watch out for Sunspace and his damned ice cream. I don’t know why they let him keep that here without a muzzle on it. :mad:

I’ll have some of Sunspace’s ice cream. He’s had one of my cookies, so now we’re even. :slight_smile:

So, that’s what you kids are calling it these days?

Hey, it was only that one time with the wasabi mint flavour. And, happily, we were near the eyewash station on the third level. And anyways, almost all of everyone’s clothes survived.

*Je ne veux dire plus. :slight_smile: *

Thanks for the welcome, all.

@john DiFool , I saw them at the Silverdome in 1987… great show.


…because Michigan is the site…