The made up movie game

Lets play the made up movie game. Someone makes up a movie title and from it you provide a plot and the stars. example: made up title: Baby on Board- plot and star: Vin Diesel stars as a bodyguard who must transport cross country a baby of an important witness in a mob trial. Also starring Wanda Sykes as the wacky nanny.

First couple of titles for your consideration: Tough Love, Alone Again, Slippery When Wet, Always Darkest

Tough Love

Vin Diesel stars as Roger Love, a man who loses his family to a gang of hooligans. He goes on a revenge spree.

New title: Moon Over Elizabeth

Alone again.

Macaulay Culkin reprises his role as Kevin McCallister, but this time he has to fight loneliness brought on by excessive use of drugs and alcohol. He’s also a war veteran.

Next title: It’s the Fan.

It’s the Fan

Starring Paris Hilton as a has-been celebrity named Cherry Wood, who is being stalked by an obsessive fan. Stalker is played by Brad Dourif. Friend of Cherry,who gets whacked by stalker, played by Ms. Hilton’s sister what’s her name.

Next title: Harvest Moon

*Harvest Moon *

Tatum O’Neil has to transport her cloyingly annoying niece (Dakota Fanning), a witness to a murder, across the country to stay one step ahead of some mobsters. Provides many a female bonding moment, various hijinks, and a shocking finale.

A Sapling Grows in Schenectady.

A Sapling Grows in Schenectady.

Christina Ricci, Shia LeBeouf (or however that’s spelled). She grew up in the very urbanized suburbia of Schenectady New York. He’s a State Senator’s son who has just moved to town. Typical boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy’s father gets embroiled in a politcal scandal - we’ve all seen it before.
Once Upon A Boxspring

A modernized version of Once Upon a Mattress, with Winona Ryder playing Paris Marriott, hotel heiress desperate for one good night’s sleep. Enter Matt Damon, the hot-shot salesman for Sealy Posturpedic, who’s never lost a sale, yet.

Only he becomes convinced that what Paris needs is a mattress system from “Dial-A-Setting” beds. What will he choose? Doing right by the girl, or by his company?

The Revenge of Milquetoast!

[Obeying the “two posters between my posts” rule]

Milquetoast the Cockroach, finally fed up with being dissed by Steve Dallas, plots various forms of revenge in this Berke Breathed 30 minute animated webcomic. Opus the Penguin is drawn into the crossfire kind of sort of against his will. The final scene involves reams of flypaper, whipped cream, and a hot air balloon with plenty of propane on board.

The Princess Divorcee’.

Once Upon A Boxspring - Drew Barrymore stars as a poor girl who worked her way into mid level Hollywood stardom. Years scratching her way to the top of show business have left her cynical and hard. She clings to the fame she no longer enjoys, but is drinking too much and everything is starting to unwind. She is deathly afraid of losing her looks and her career. She goes back to the town she grew up in to attend a funeral. By chance she finds out that her high school drama teacher(Meryl Streep) is deathly ill and the local theatre where she got her start is going to close. She works with her drama teacher to put on a fundraising play to save the theatre. Through the play she reignites her passion for theatre and finds a love for teaching acting. The play is a success, her teacher dies and she opens an acting school at the rebuilt theatre.
New Title- Horse of a different color

A Horse of a Different Color
Ed (Horse) Zabrowski falls in love with a young Black-Irish girl during Kentucky Derby Weekend. Starring Vin Diesel, in his most challenging role yet. With Angelina Jolie, Bruce Dern and Dakota Fanning as Rosie.
My Hangup

The Princess Divorcee’

Anne Hathaway returns as our favorite princess in this lighthearted romp through divorce court. Special appearance by Judge Maybeleen.

My Hangup

Zach Braff, Sarah Chalke, Donald Faison. Feature length version of the popular Scrubs sitcom. It’s many years later, they are all in private practice, and all seeing the same shrink - Dr Molly Clock (Heather Graham). Series regulars also appear in the film. Notable addition to the plot: Jack and Jennifer Dillon (Perry and Jordan’s kids) are both in high school (Jack a senior, Jen a sophomore) as are Isabel Turk and Sam Dorian. The kids are all planning on going to medical school - paving the way for a new sitcom to air after the movie goes to DVD - “Scrubs: The Next Generation”

new title
“Spilt Milk”

"Spilt Milk": Heartwarming comedy reunion of Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck as a couple trying to save their family’s dairy farm. Directed by a thinner, more family-minded Kevin Smith on location near Des Moines.

Next title: “Stunt Men on Vacation”

Stunt Men on Vacation stars Ray Romano and Kevin James as two out of work Hollywood stuntmen who take a roadtrip through the American southwest to figure out their lives. Along the way, a series of unfortunate (but hilarious) events leads to the two friends being pursued by a neo-Nazi motorcycle gang to the small town of Monkey’s Eyebrow, New Mexico, where they discover that… STUNTS NEVER TAKE A VACATION!

Next Title: Howie Gets A Howitzer

Moon Over Elizabeth.

The dramatic renactment of that frightening night when the Queen of England’s most private inner sanctum was breached by a naked madman. An expose of the incompetence that led to our favourite monarch waking to find a bare ass hovering by her bedside.With Helen Mirren as QEII and Bob Hoskins as Micheal Fagan.

Fancy ignoring tdn like that!

Fancy Ignoring tdn Like That

Stunning documentary film starring Fancy, a Siamese kitten who refuses to asknowledge tdn, no matter what he does. (subtitled)

"Howie Gets A Howitzer" – Touching documentary follows Howie Mandel in his efforts to save the 12-pounder that his great-grandfather fired in the War. A local park is slated to be turned into a parking lot, and the canon (that Howie played on as a kid) is destined for the scrapyard. The film follows Mandel as he battles city councils and HOAs, trying to find a new home for the military hardware.

New title: “The Secret Of The Glass Head”

The Secret Of The Glass Head

Burt Reynolds plays a washed up stuntman who opens a detective agency, leading him on a cross country chase in a 1982 Chevy Nova after jewel thieves (played by Terrence Stamp and Carrot Top)

next up:
Fear of Heights

Fear of Heights Bruce Willis stars as a Las Vegas detective who investigates a series of murders at the construction of a new high rise casino. Climax involves a chase and gun fight over the exposed framework of the building 30 stories high. Also starring Al Pacino as the casino owner who may be involved in the killings.

new title -Just Say Yo!

Just Say Yo!

Hijinks ensue as wacky California students face off in a yoyo championship. Mr. Suzuki: Yo Yo Ma.

Next title: Air Spud