The madness begins (wedding expectations)

Thinking of registering and getting wedding gifts, we had two households getting blended, too, but it’s surprising all the cool things you could use when you get that registry gun in your hands. :smiley:

My wife and I got married when we were both in our early 30s, a couple of years ago. We got married in jail.

We had originally planned, after moving in together, to have a small, simple ceremony, but it kept trying to turn intoa major event thanks to parents and such. So we decided to go to Town Hall and have the magistrate do it. I called my mother on a Sunday evening and told her we were getting married the next morning at 9AM sharp and she was welcome to come watch.

We went to town hall and discovered the magistrate was working over at the jail, so the whole group walked acrosst he parking lot to the jail. I knocked on the magistrate’s door.

The magistrate said, “Can I help you?”

I replied, “Yes, I’m here for a life sentence. Can you marry us?” and indicated my bride.

She laughed and did.

It’s been bliss ever since.

We zipped off to Vegas for a couple days (on the hush) and threw a party in our yard the following summer. It was fun and in keeping with our low-key plans.

I have been called worse. :wink:

QFT and whatnot. Do what makes you happy, no one else will be able to tell you how to be happy, so don’t listen to them.

It’s your marriage, not theirs.


What about Ice Sculptures?

NO! They are expensive and messy and never look as good as you want them to. No ice sculptures for you!

What if you let the guests carve them? (BYO Chainsaw, of course.)

Well as long as it’s BYOC, then it wouldn’t be nearly so expensive. And the mess is really just water…and every reception could use another group activity or two.

Ok, ice scupltures back in! The wedding part can probably even afford a few smaller chainsaws for the little kids. I see nothing at all that could go wrong with this plan.