The main act is playing, shhhhh!!

After weeks of waiting, the highly anticipated BareNaked Ladies/Alanis Morissette concert finally happened last night. Wheee BNL!! My favorite band to see live, bar none!

Except…Renee had a big ol’ fight with her husband. Aww, poor Renee, let’s all listen sympathetically as she spouts, reassure her of her inherent rightness, hug hug kiss kiss, now let’s enjoy the show! But wait…you’re still yammering on about it. Umm, ok I know everyone else in the group just came to see BNL but I happen to enjoy Alanis so’s if y’all could bitch a bit quieter I’d appreciate it.

Ok, c’mon guys, other people are giving us the hairy eyeball now, dull roar m’kay? Thanks!

Seriously, the band you came to see is now playing, shhhh!!

Ok, since you’re obviously not interested in the concert, could you go walk somewhere so those of us trying to enjoy it can at least hear it??

Renee, seriously, I love ya babe, here’s a beer, now quit letting him ruin your night and mine and shhhhhh!

I hope she was drunk enough not to recall the time I turned around and literally screamed at her to STFU, but great googly moogly!! It’s not everyone else’s problem you’re having personal issues, nor is it the time and place to bitch and moan about it for hours. I paid, we all paid for these tickets because we like these guys, shuddup and watch the show!!!

People that yammer thru live shows suck, and when they’re your own people they suck more. :mad:

I thought this was going to be about Katie Couric and Bob Costas not SHUTTING THE FUCK UP during the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.

Anyway, I feel for ya. Not an Alanis fan, but I’d kill to see BNL. Lucky you!


Is it something about outdoor concerts?

“Would you please keep you voice down during the musical performance?” said in the manner of the diner waitress in the Big Lebowski, worked on the numb-nutted ass clown at the Richard Thompson/Bonnie Raitt concert at Wolftrap, until I got up to use the restroom, and the bloviation continued. After the set ended, my husband looked at the guy and said “What kind of moron buys a ticket to a concert then talks through it?” Then the guy moved.

Wow. I woulda given my eye teeth to see that show. I love Raitt, but I really love Richard Thompson.

What you need to do is go see bands that play so loudly that you can’t hear anything else. Of course, this feeling of not being able to hear anything else lasts longer than desired …

When I was kid, rock concerts were loudly amplified. A deranged homeless guy could be behind me chattering away about space invaders eating his brain and I wouldn’t have heard him. Even when I went to clubs, the music was loud enough to make any convsersation damn near impossible. You had to scream into someone’s ear and use hand signals.

Was this an acoustic set or something?

It was an outdoor venue, and we got there when it was already half filled, so we went for ‘good line of sight’ rather than crowding and wound up at the outer edge of the amplification. The music came thru well, although BNL did do a few quieter acoustic numbers, but all BNL’s nifty stage patter became nearly indecipherable when someone two feet away was blathering on.

Just beyond inconsiderate, man. It’s one thing to ignore strangers shushing you, but when your own friends are begging you to stfu, ack! :rolleyes:

I was about to suggest that all the complaining and man-hate was actually the Alanis show, until you reported that it continued through the BNL set.
Carry on.

What pisses me off at concerts are people who sing along through every. single. song. at the top of their lungs - loud enough that I’m hearing them instead of the artist I paid to see. I went to a Brooks and Dunn concert (not even a country fan, but loved the concert) and the guy sitting in front of me was singing along the entire time. At one point, between songs, I even said (loudly) to my ex-husband (well he wasn’t ex at the time) “Did I pay to listen to this bozo sing?” The guy’s wife/girlfriend turned around and gave me what appeared to be an apologetic smile, but it didn’t help any; next song, he was right back to singing at the top of his lungs. For cryin out loud, he could have saved himself some money and just turned on the radio if that’s what he cared about.