"The Maniac from Manayunk"

Scuba_Ben and I were listening to Duke Ellington on the way out to Gettysdope yesterday, and “that song” came on – the one I have no idea what the real title is, but it was the theme song for Saturday Night Dead. Those of a certain age will remember this show from the late '80s – it was on after Saturday Night Live* (back when Channel 3 was NBC) – cheesy horror films with an even cheesier vampy hostess with way too much eyeliner.

Whose name I can’t remember – Stella, maybe? And I don’t remember the names or personae of her two sidekicks.

All I remember was that she was known as the Maniac from Manayunk, and the opening credits had the three of them panting up the stairs from Main Street to the train station, right by where the new movie theater is, oddly enough.

Anyone else have any recollection of this?

http://www.americanscary.com/bios.html Stella, about halfway down the page.

Sadly, SND was gone before I moved to the area. But, I did catch a few episodes while visiting relatives. I remember two different butlers. One was silent, doddering, with blue or green skin and an Einstein wig. The other was a man with a nasal voice and a wig that was a cross between a Beatle cut and a pertified mop.