The Marriage Ref

After watching and flipping channels with CTV’s closing ceremonies. I thought this was done TERRIBLY. Was it just me or did the sound just cut off for the host and Alec Baldwin for like 5minutes. When the crowd jeered, cheered or laughed you couldn’t hear one word they were saying.

If this is the production value they air on NBC, no wonder they suck shit in the States.

I watched the first guy with the taxedermied dog. I understand what he did was for his dog. I woulda done the same thing if the vet gave that option too. But the vet only gave the option of creamation or nothing. I chose nothing. It looked like he was really saddened by the verdict of the dog is creepy. It is in fact creepy but the way they blasted him was so undeserving imo.

That could only make the show better.

NBC cut away from a once-in-a-lifetime event celebrating sportsmanship and unity to a show where fighting couples are trotted out so celebrities can make fun of them. Fourth place is more than they deserve.

I actually caught part this show.

Until reading this, I thought it was some kind of a parody. Of the reality/shock-jock shows that are everywhere.

So, I am serious and feel free to make fun of me, but: This was a real, up front show? The couples and all were NOT made up?

They were playing it straight (aside form the inevitable joking, of course) ??

As far as I know, it was a real show.

I cannot, I cannot, I cannot, I cannot, I cannot, I cannot, I cannot, I cannot, I cannot…

watch this show.

It was terrible. Holy cow, it was bad. There was a live audience but there was also a really bad laugh track. We had to turn it off after the dead dog segment. The newscaster? The telestrator? Stupid.

I can’t believe NBC cut away from the Olympics Closing Ceremony for this turd.

I don’t blame you. It’s a reasonable question. I think the couples are real and the disagreements are real.

I mean, as real as “Flavor of Love” being a search for love, anyway.


Well, OK, thanks for enlightening me.

I saw this last night and it was awful.
No real marriage problems just ridiculous people with ridiculous disagreements.
-Guy loves his dog and had it stuffed when it died. Wife thinks it’s creepy. :rolleyes:
-Guy wants a stripper pole in the bedroom. Wife says no way.:rolleyes:
It was so obviously precalcualted as in they ran the scenarios past the guests ahead of time so they had time to think up witty one liners but then presented them as spur-of-the-moment. Then the guests forced laughing at eachothers punch lines like they were at some raucous cocktail party.
I didn’t even finish watching it and thought “wow, I wonder if this turd will run more than 3 shows before getting canceled.”

But lo and behold our local afternoon radio talk show folk saw it too. And they all loved it.
-“NBC is back in form with original funny programming.”
-“Of course it was great. Everything Jerry Seinfeld is involved in is gold.”
-“Alec Baldwin was just awesome.”

Different strokes for different folks I guess.

Anyone hear the sound screw up? or was it just me? Just to restate the sound screw up. The mics of Host and Alec Baldwin weren’t working properly. Whenever the crowd made noise of some sort you could not hear a single word coming from either of those two guys. Jerry and Kelly Ripa could hear and respond but me watching couldn’t hear a damned thing.

Was the show live? or pre-recorded. Because if it was live I can understand the mics being screwy, but if it was recorded, wow, can’t they just fix the sound with a voiceover or something? The whole show is about bringing the funny, if we can’t hear what the host and a guest judge says, it kinda makes the show look even more terrible than it is.

NBC undoubtedly viewed it as similar to having the time slot after the Super Bowl (which the SB-airing network has traditionally used to highlight a show). I agree, it was ridiculous that they cut away from the ceremonies for this show, which looked horrible (I had already decided, from the infinite number of promos they’d run during the Games, not to watch it).

I am disappointed to read this. I missed the show, and now won’t seek it out, but from the promos I thought it could be funny and was an interesting concept (at least more interesting than what has been on).

My wife wanted to watch this, so we did. It made me pretty uncomfortable. Alec Baldwin, of all people, giving out marriage advice? Plus the show wasn’t nearly as hysterically funny as everyone involved seemed to think.

This makes me worry about* Parenthood*, which NBC has been pimping at least as much as The Marriage Ref. I have high hopes for Parenthood, which sort of looks like *Modern Family *as a drama.

It felt like I was watching reruns of Match Game or Hollwood Squares with the celebrities just hanging around waiting to deliver their zingers and then cut to the other celebs laughing hysterically.

“You are worthless Arec Bawwin, you are worthless Arec Bawwin…”

It sounded fine to me.

i think the time it started was like around the beginning of the stripper pole discussion. Seriously I don’t think it was just my TV, it was a studio thing not a volume control problem on the end of the viewer. There is no way the sound glitch could be so because i heard the audience fine, it was just the panel and host that were screwy.

Oprah devoted the entire hour to this show today. I don’t know whether this was on the actual show as well, but . . . One guy had five tortoises living inside their house. Some of them were huge. The wife had to take care of them and clean up after them. He insisted they were his pets, like dogs.

The consensus was that the guy was right, and his wife was wrong. :confused::confused::confused:

who were the panelists? people from PETA?

To critiquing the show, or trying to surpass it?

Personally, I think a show where rich, famous, beautiful celebrities take turns insulting ordinary schlubs is pretty fucked up.

It can be funny, but I dont think having it so obviously one-sided in terms of choosing sides is a good way to go. It’s like the audience knows whose side is gonna be chosen before the panelists give their two cents. I also thought there were supposed to be competitions for the married couples to perform to gauge a winner too. I personally didn’t watch the premiere with full attention because the closing ceremonies of the Olympics were going on CTV so I was channel swapping between the two. Personally I dont think this show will be all that great but NBC will weather the beginning because it’s Seinfeld’s name on it.