The Mars Volta?

I just found out a few days ago that the Red Hot Chili Peppers are coming to my town for a concert this summer, and with them will be Snoop Dogg (weird) and The Mars Volta. I’ll probably end up going because I love RHCP, but I have no idea who The Mars Volta is. Does anyone know if they’re good? What kind of music do they play? I would have assumed something like RHCP if Snoop Dogg wasn’t on the ticket too…That leaves me all confused.


Members of At The Drive-In in a new band. After ATDI broke up, the members split between The Mars Volta and Sparta. Sparta retained ATDI’s more frenzied rock approach (though a little toned down) while The Mars Volta moderated their sound with more experimental leanings.

Grrr… I stupid America. You guys always get such great support acts. We had to put up with Papa Roach as Chili Peppers support when I saw them.

Cedric and Omar, the guys with the afros, formed The Mars Volta. And they are awesome.
I have seen both At The Drive-In and The Mars Volta live… and they are absolutely incredible. Cedric Bixler (the singer) is the most energetic performer I have ever seen. Anyone who has seen live footage of At The Drive-In should know what I’m talking about. So make sure you catch them.